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The People Have Spoken

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The People Have Spoken Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords -Tommy Sands. chords fit Tommy Sands on his album ‘Let The Circle Be Round’.


The [C]people have [G]spoken, a new day is [C]dawning
The people have [G]spoken, a [F]new day has [G]come
With [Am]hearts nearly [Em]broken, a [F]chorus is [C]calling
The people have [G]spoken, it’s time to move [C]on


I [C]hear the band [G]marching, singing Lilly bu[C]llero

‘Bu linn an [G]la’ says ‘the [F]day will be [G]ours’

In [Am]unison, [Em]bystanders [F]join in the [C]chorus

‘Our day will [G]come’ singing ‘Tiochfaidh ar [C]la’



[C]Whack fol the da

Tiochfaidh ar la

Agus Lilly bu[Am]llero is bull in an [G]la –G-G-G

Ah wack fol the [C]da –C-C-C

I [C]hear people [G]say that if your day is [C]coming
Some people [G]fear that [F]their day is [G]done
But [Am]I say the [Em]sun shines on [F]all or on [C]no one
If darkness is [G]over, a new day will [C]come

The [C]people have [G]spoken, a new day is [C]dawning
You take a short [G]step on a [F]road that is [G]long
To [Am]live and let [Em]live on that [F]journey to[C]gether
The people have [G]spoken, there’s work to be [C]done


So [C]lay down your [G]arms and your words of de[C]struction
Your tanks and your [G]guns, they have [F]all had their [G]say
The [Am]arms we were [Em]given the [F]day we were [C]born
Were to love and dis[G]cover, to find a new [C]way

And [C]don’t sing the [G]songs of the wrongs we have [C]suffered
Till first we can [G]hear of the [F]wrongs we have [G]done
And to[Am]gether we’ll [Em]write a new [F]song for to[C]morrow
It’s then, only [G]then, that our day will [C]come.




Tommy Sands comment on the song from CD-booklet:

This song takes two well-known opposing Ulster catchphrases and celebrates their sameness – ‘The day will be ours’ (from Lillybullero) and ‘Our day it will come’ (Tiochfaidh ar la). The origins of Lillybullero have attracted much speculation down the years. The song, which its author Thomas Wharton (1640-1715) boasted ‘had rhymed James II out of three kingdoms’, was written as a parody, it seems, to an earlier song from the 1641 Rebellion. It is said that the chorus, today understood as only as gibberish by many, is actually a corruption of the Irish ‘Lilly lu leir o bu linn an la’, meaning ‘Lilly will be manifest, the day will be ours’. William Lilly (1602-81) was a famous astrologer of the time. Not long ago in Belfast I listened as a Loyalist Orange band played this tune to the heckling sound of ‘Tiocfaidh ar la’ (Our day will come) from Irish Republicans. Since both slogans mean basically the same thing regardless of their origins, I thought it would be wonderful to celebrate the much awaited ‘Day’ belonging to us all.


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