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Protect And Survive lyrics and chords

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Protect And Survive, The Dubliners Lyrics And Chords, author unknown, The singer is Sean Cannon, the guitar chords were worked out by Marc Fahrbach. great harmonies here from The Dubliners.

Intro: G-F-G-F

Well the (G)government's made a (F)document

To (C)help prevent em(D)barrassment

And (G)in the event of an (F)accident

Catching (C)us with our trousers (G)down

It's (D)no use to you when you're dead

Nor (G)even when a(D)live

And the (G)name of this peace of (F)paper is

Pro(C)tect and sur(D)vive


Chorus (Repeat after each verse)

So (D)when the nuke's come raining down

It's (G)great to be a(D)live, well

(G)World War Three can (F)be such fun

If you pro(C)tect and sur(D)vive

Pro(C)tect and sur(G)vive -F-G-F*

(* in Dubliners’ Version only the last line is accompanied instrumentally)


Well a (G)nuclear strike can be (F)recognised

It would (C)stand out in a (D)crowd

There's a (G)flash, then a bang, then a (F)blast of heat

Then a (C)bloody great mushroom (G)cloud

So (D)if you happen to see one

At (G)the end of your (D)street

Would you (G)please pick up the (F)telephone

And in(C)form your local po(D)lice


Put (G)sticky tape on (F)your windows

Block your (C)ears and close your (D)eyes

But it (G)won't make a blind bit of (F)difference

You won't (C)have to watch yourself (G)fry

If you (D)find yourself in the target zone

And you (G)haven't got a (D)shelter

Take a (G)spade into the (F)garden

And (C)dig like merry (D)hell, sir


They've (G)got strategic I(F)CBM's

Both (C)theatre and (D)tactical

With (G)independently (F)targeted

Mult(C)iple reentry (G)vehicle's

(D)Backfire bombers, Polaris sub's,

(G)Cruise missiles and the (D)boy's who

(G)Hang around the (F)Pentagon

Can't (C)wait to use these (D)toys


When (G)Armageddon gets (F)underway

And the (C)rockets come pouring (D)down

All the (G)bloody politicians who (F)started it

Will (C)scuttle off under(G)ground

And (D)when they finally reemerge

With (G)no life to be (D)found

They can (G)administrate the (F)rubble

And they can (C)order each other a (D)round


For they (G)give us a four-minute (F)warning

When the (C)rockets are on their (D)way

To (G) us time to (F)panic

And (C)Christians time to (G)pray

So (D)when you hear the siren's going

Place your (G)head between your (D)thighs

Whilst (D)maintaining this posture

You can (G)make a final (D)gesture

And with a (G)little muscular (F)pressure

You can (C)kiss your arse good(D)bye


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