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Rock On Rockall lyrics + chords

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Rock On Rockall Irish song lyrics and guitar chords, The Wolfe Tones written by Brian Warfield

Oh[C] the empire it is finished,no forign lands to seize,
So the[F] greedy eye of[C] England is turning towards the[G] seas,
Two[C] hundred miles from Done[Am]gal,theres a[C] place thats called Rockall,
And the[F] groping hands of[C] Whitehall are[G] grabbing at it's[C] walls.
Oh[C] Rock on Rockall you'll never[Am] fall,for[C] Britains greedy hands,
Or you'll[F] meet the same re[C]sistance as you did in many[G] lands,
May the[C] sea-guls rise and pluck your[Am] eyes,and the[C] water crush your shell,
And the[F] natural gass wil[C]l burn your arse and[G] blow you all to[C] hell.
This rock is part of Ireland,for it's written in folklore,
When Finn McCool took a sod of grass,and threw it to the fore,
Then he tossed a pebble across the sea,where ever did it fall,
For the sod became the Isle Of Man,now the pebble's called Rockall.
Oh the sea's will not be silent,while Britannia,grabs the waves,
And remember that the Irish will no longer be your slaves,
And remember that Britannia well,she rules the waves no more,
So keep your hands off Rockall it's Irish to the core.

The photo below is taken from the C.I.A. world factbook Clearly the Americans think Rockall belongs to Britain. But they are wrong,the rock belongs to nobody but the Irish.

Rockall Ireland

Don't say I didn't tell you it's loaded with oil and gas
of the coast of Donegal, we've been telling you for years.
The Wolfe Tones brought out this song in seventies to
highlight the potential of oil and gas off the North West
coast. During the cod war between England and Iceland
we played a festival which was attended by one of the
captains of the islandic fleet who enjoyed the song so much
it was translated by the crew as their them song.
The English went to great lenghts to claim the rock.
They planted a flag which blew away, they painted a flag
on the rock but the seagulls covered it in s... and it
can't be seen anymore. They had a squadie camp on it to
say it was inhabited by them but we all know it is
Irish to the core. Brian Warfield Wolfe Tones

Rock On Rockall


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