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Row Bullies Row

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ROW BULLIES, ROW Lyrics And Guitar Chords 3/4 (Traditional Sea Shanty)On their album ‚The First Hurrah!’ the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem recorded a shortened version of this song without the verses 3 and 5 and in a major key of D# major (use capo on the 3rd fret).

Intro: C---C-G-C   C-G-C
1. From (C)Liverpool to 'Frisco a-(G)rovin' I (C)went,
For to stay in that (G)country it (C)was my intent.
But girls and strong whiskey like (F)other damn (C)fools,
I soon was trans(G)ported back (C)to Liver(Bb)pool, singin'

(C)Row, (G)Row, bullies, (C)row!
Them Liverpool (G)girls they have (C)got us in tow. –C-C

2. We (C)shipped on the Alaska lying (G)out in the (C)bay,
A-waitin' for a (G)fair wind to (C)get under way.
The sailors all drunk and their (F)backs is all (C)sore,
Their whiskeys all (G)gone and they (C)can't get no (Bb)more.

3. Oh, a(C)long comes the mate in his (G)jacket of (C)blue,
He's lookin' for (G)work for the (C)sailors to do.
It's "Ship tops'l halyards!'' he (F)loudly does (C)roar,
And it's "Lay aloft (G)Paddy, ye (C)son-o'-a-(Bb)whore!"

4. I re(C)member one day we was (G)crossing the (C)line
When I think on it (G)now we sure (C)had a good time
She was divin' bows under, her (F)sailors all (C)wet,
She was doin' twelve (G)knots with her (C)mainskys'l (Bb)set.

5. Here's a (C)health to the Captain where(G)'er he may (C)be,
He's a friend to the (G)sailor on (C)land and at sea,
But as for our chief mate, the (F)dirty ol' (C)brute
I hope when he (G)dies straight to (C)hell he'll sky(Bb)hoot.

6. And (C)now we've arrived at the (G)Bramleymoor (C)Dock,
All the fair maids and (G)lassies a(C)round us do flock.
Our whiskey's all gone and our (F)six quid ad(C)vance,
And I think it's high (G)time for to git (C)up and (Bb)dance.


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