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Safe In The Harbour lyrics chords

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Safe In The Harbour chords and lyrics. Written by Eric Bogle. Eric wrote this song for the Canadian folk musician Stan Rogers who tragically died at very young age in an air crash in 1983. The guitar chords are by Marc Fahrbach and it's one of Marc's favorites.

Have you (G)stood by the (Bm)ocean, on a (C)diamond-hard (G)morning

And (D)felt the hor(Am)izon stir (G)deep in your (D)soul

Watched the (G)wake of a (Bm)steamer as it (C)cut through blue (G)water

And been (Bm)gripped by a (Am)fever you (G)just can't (D)con(G)trol

Oh to (G)throw off the (Bm)shackles and (C)fly with the (G)seagulls

To (Bm)where green waves (Am)tumble before a (G)driving sea (D)wind

Or to (G)lie on the (Bm)decking on a (C)warm summer's (G)evening

Watch the (Bm)red sun fall (Am)burning, be(G)neath the (D)earth's (G)rim



But (G)to every (Bm)sailor, comes (C)time to drop (D)anchor

(G)Haul in the (Bm)sails, and (C)make the lines (D)fast

You (G)deep water (D)dreamer, your (C)journey is (D)over

You're (G)safe in the (D)harbour at (C)last

You're (G)safe in the (D)harbour at (C)last


(G)Some men are (Bm)sailors, but (C)most are just (G)dreamers

Held (D)fast by the (Am)anchors they (G)forge in their (D)minds

Who in their (G)hearts know they'll (Bm)never sail (C)over deep (G)water

To (Bm)search for a (Am)treasure they're a(G)fraid they (D)won't (G)find

So in (G)sheltered (Bm)harbours, they (C)cling to their (G)anchors

(Bm)Bank down their (Am)boilers and (G)shut down their (D)steam

And (G)wait for the (Bm)sailors to re(C)turn with bright (G)treasures

That will (Bm)fan the dull (Am)embers and (G)fire up (D)their (G)dreams




And (G)some men are (Bm)schemers who (C)laugh at the (G)dreamers

Take the (D)gold from the (Am)sailors and (G)turn it to (D)dross

They're (G)men in a (Bm)prison, they're (C)men without (G)vision

Whose (Bm)only hor(Am)izon is (G)profit (D)and (G)loss

So when (G)storm clouds come (Bm)sailing a(C)cross your blue (G)ocean

Hold (Bm)fast to your (Am)dreaming for (G)all that your're (D)worth

For as (G)long as there's (Bm)dreamers, there will (C)always be (G)sailors

Bringing (Bm)back their bright (Am)treasures from the (G)corners (D)of (G)earth



Safe In The Harbour Chords and words


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