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The Sands Of Mexico

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The Sands Of Mexico Lyrics And Guitar Chords. The lyrics and chords are supposed to match the The Chireftains Feat. Ry Cooder although minor differences are possible. Please notice that the chord structure and melody vary within the verses! This is another song about John Reily from Ireland who fought on the Mexican side against north America in the 1846-49 war. Many more Irishmen fought alongside him and gave their lives fighting for Mexico.

Intro: G-D-E7-A-D
We went (D)down to Churubusco,
But the (G)devil got there (D)first;
The (A)road was hard, the (D)way was long,
Churu(E7)busco was far (A)worse.
Pressed (D)in the Union Army
And (G)ordered off to go
Along the southern (D)border
To the (E7)sands of (A)Mexi(D)co.

Now we (D)come from Cork and Kerry,
That (G)emerald world has (D)past,
My (A)Mary would be (D)pleased to know
I’m a (E7)praying man at (A)last!
In (D)this distressed country
Little (G)comfort do we know;
My Bible is my (D)road map
On the (E7)sands of (A)Mexi(D)co.

When the (A)road is cold up yonder,
(A7)I’ll be (D)there, -A-A7-D-F#m-Bm
The (Bm)boys will (E)harmonize
A lovely (E7)Irish (A)air.
Take a (D)message to my (F#)Mary,
She’s the (Bm)one that’s true I (G)know:
When you saw me I had (D)fallen
On the (E7)sands of (A)Mexi(D)co.

Now the (D)army used us harshly,
We (G)were but trash to (D)them,
Con(A)scripted Irish (D)farmers
Not (E7)first class soldier (A)men.
They (D)beat us and they banged us,
Mis(G)treated us, you know,
But they couldn’t make us (D)killers,
On the (E7)sands of (A)Mexi(D)co

(D)That’s why we call it (G)faith,
(A)That’s why we (A7)call him (D)Lord,
(G?)That’s why I threw a(A)way
My (A7)Yankee (D)sword.
Our (D)John Riley seized the (G)day
And (A)marched us (A7)down the (D)road,
And we (G)wouldn’t slay our (D)brothers,
On the (E7)sands of (A)Mexi(D)co.
Instrumental bridge

(A)Faith and righteousness
Was (A7)all in (D)vain,
(E)Irish blood was spilled
(E7)once a(A)gain.
As I (D)stand upon the (F#)gallows,
It (Bm)cheers the soul to (G)know
History will ab(D)solve us
On the (E7)sands of (A)Mexi(D)co.

The (D)sands of Mexi(A)co,
The bloody (G)sands of Mexi(E)co!
La (D)historia me ab(F#)solverá
On the (E7)sands of (A)Mexi(D)co.


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