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Scotland The Brave

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Scotland The Brave Lyrics Guitar Chords. Written by Cliff Hanley 1950, The youtube video is by Charlie Zahm.  The Corries do a humerus version using different lyrics entirely, there are plenty of pipe band instrmental versions also. This song was voted the second most popular Scottish song of all time, beaten to the top spot by Flower Of Scotland.


(G)Hark when the night is falling,
Hear! hear the pipes are calling,
(C)Loudly and (G)proudly calling,
(D)Down thro' the glen.(D7)
(G)There where the hills are sleeping,
Now feel the blood a-leaping,
(C)High as the (G)spirits of the (D)old Highland (G)men.

(D)Towering in gallant fame,
(G)Scotland my mountain hame,
(C)High may your (G)proud standards (D)gloriously wave,(D7)
(G)Land of my high endeavour,
Land of the shining river,
(C)Land of my (G)heart for ever,
(D)Scotland the (G)brave.

(G)High in the misty Highlands
Out by the purple islands,
(C)Brave are the (G)hearts that beat
Be(D)neath Scottish skies.(D7)
(G)Wild are the winds to meet you,
Staunch are the friends that greet you,
(C)Kind as the (G)love that shines from (D)fair maidens' (G)eyes.

Another version of Scotland The Brave with different chords

[D]Hark when the night is falling
Hear! hear the pipes are calling
[G]Loudly and [D]proudly calling
[E7]Down through the [A7]glen
[D]There where the hills are sleeping
Now feel the blood a-leaping
[G]High as the [D]spirits
Of the [A7]old Highland [D]men

[A7]Towering in gallant fame
[G]Scotland my [D]mountain hame
[Bm]High may your [F#m]proud standards
[E7]Gloriously [A7]wave
[D]Land of my high endeavour
Land of the shining river
[G]Land of my [D]heart for ever
[A7]Scotland the [D]brave

High in the misty Highlands
Out by the purple islands
Brave are the hearts that beat
Beneath Scottish skies
Wild are the winds to meet you
Staunch are the friends that greet you
Kind as the love that shines
From fair maidens' eyes

Far off in sunlit places
Sad are the Scottish faces
Yearning to feel the kiss
Of sweet Scottish rain
Where tropic skies are beaming
Love sets the heart a-dreaming
Longing and dreaming
For the homeland again

Hot as a burning ember
Flaming in bleak December
Burning within the hearts
Of clansmen afar
Calling to home and fire
Calling the sweet desire
Shining a light that beckons
From every star


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