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SCOTLAND’S STORY 6/8 (Charlie Reid)Lyrics and chords as fit the McCalmans on their album ‚Scots Abroad’ (Capo on 1st fret).For original version by the proclaimers change key to E major (or D major + capo on 2nd fret) Guitar work by Marc Fahrbach

(G)Michael McGrory from (C)west Done(D)gal
(G)He came to Glasgow with (D)nothing at (G)all
He fought the landlord then the (C)Africa (D)Korps
When (G)he came to Glasgow with (D)nothing at (G)all

(G)Abraham Caplan from (C)Vilnius you (D)came
You were (G)heading for New York but (D)Leith's where you've (G)stayed
You built a great business which (C)benefits (D)all
Since (G)you came to this land with (D)nothing at (G)all

(C)In Scotland's story I (G)read that they came
The (D)Gael and the Pict, the (G)Angle and Dane
But (C)so did the Irishman, (G)Jew and U(D)kraine
They're (G)all Scotland's Story and they're (D)all worth the (G)same

(G)Joseph D'Angelo (C)dreams of the (D)days
When (G)Italian kids in the (D)Grassmarket (G)played
We burned out his shop when the (C)boys went to (D)war
But (G)auld Joe's a big man and (D)he forgave (G)all

(C)In Scotland's story I’m (G)told that they came
The (D)Gael and the Pict, the (G)Angle and Dane
But (C)where's all the Chinese and (G)Indian (D)names?
They're (G)in my land’s story and they're (D)all worth the (G)same

Chris(G)tina McKay, I (C)learned of your (D)name
How (G)you travelled south from (D)Delny one (G)day
You raised a whole family in (C)one room they (D)say
And the (G)X on the line stands in (D)place of your (G)name

So (C)in the old story I'll (G)bet that I came
From (D)Gael and Pict and (G)Angle and Dane
And a (C)poor migrant girl who could (G)not write her (D)name
It's a (G)common old story but it's (D)mine just the (G)same

(C)All through the story the (G)immigrants came
The (D)Gael and the Pict, the (G)Angle and Dane
From (C)Pakistan, England and (G)from the U(D)kraine
We're (G)all Scotland's story and (D)we're all worth the (G)same

(G)Your Scotland's story is (D)worth just the (G)same

(G)Your Scotland's story is (D)worth just the (G)same


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