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Scots Abroad

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The Scots Abroad Song Lyrics And Chords The McCalmans, a tribute to all the Scottish men who travelled far from home looking for a better way of life, the guitar chords are by Marc Fahrbach.

They built the (Em)bridges and the tunnels
Climbed the (G)hills that bear their names
Always (D)first to charge in battle
And the (Em)first to charge a(Bm)gain
You can (Em)recognise their accent
And they'll (G)tell you that you're wrong but,
(D)There is no mistaking where they're (Em)from


In the (Em)middle of the deepest jungle
(G)There they are again
I (D)flew across to China
And they (Em)met me off the (Bm)plane
Wher(Em)ever you may see them
Well they (G)look like they belong but,
(D)There is no mistaking where they're (Em)from


They're from the (G)streets of Aberdeen and the (D)small border town
From the (C)Hebridean (Am)Islands and (G)all the country (B7)round
They (Em)travelled to a new land and they (G)sing a different song, but
(D)There is no mistaking where they're (Em)from


There's a (Em)nurse at the mission
With a (G)doctor standing by
And the (D)old man in the corner
With a (Em)sad, whisky (Bm)eye
And the (Em)tea-planter's widow
She's been (G)waiting here so long, but
(D)There is no mistaking where they're (Em)from


Some are (Em)good, some are bad,
The (G)angels and the thieves
The ex(D)plorer, who finds the land
And (Em)never ever (Bm)leaves
The (Em)weary adventurer,
Who (G)just keep moving on, but
(D)There is no mistaking where they're (Em)from




They're the (Em)ones who write the stories
And they (G)never hesitate
To (D)face up to the challenges
And (Em)punch above their (Bm)weight
They (Em)live in every country
And they (G)look like they belong, but,
(D)There is no mistaking where they're (Em)from


Chorus twice

(D)There is no mistaking where they're (Em)from

(D)There is no mistaking where they're (Em)from 


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