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Traditional Scottish Song Lyrics

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Scottish Traditional Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. I have only given the first verse and chorus to some of these songs as they are not very popular,  I will be adding more songs soon. This page is part of the Scottish Lyrics And Chords section.

Scottish Songs

Band o' Shearers

[Dm]When simmer days and heather bells
Come [Am7]reelin ower yon hieland hills
There's [Dm]yellow [F]corn in [Dm]a' the fields
And the [f]autumn [Am7]brings the [Dm]shearin'

Scottish Songs

The Lichtbob's Lassie Chords
[F]First fin I [C]cam' tae the [F]toon,
They [Dm]can me [Bb]young and [C]bonnie,
[F]Noo they changed me [Dm]name,
Cad' [C7]me the [Bb]licht-bob's[C7] honey

Scottish Songs

The Back O'Bennachie

O'h[G] there's meal and there's ale where the Gadierins,

Wi the Yellow broom and the[D7] bonnie whins,

There's[G] meal and there's ale whaur the Gadie rins,

At the [D7]back O' Bennac[G]hie

Scottish Songs

Laird O' The Dainty Dounby

A[Dm Lassie was milking her father's[C] kye.

When a gentleman on horse back he came ridin' by

A[Dm] gentleman on horse back[Am] he came ridin' by

He was [Dm]the laird [Am7]o' the Dainty [Dm]Dounby

Scottish Songs

What's A The Steer Kimmer Lyrics And Chords

[F]What's a the steer kimmer, what's a the ster,
Charlie he is landed an haith, he'll soon be [C]here.
The [Bb]win was at his [F]back, Charlie the [Bb]win was at his [F]back.
I came na sin he's [Bb]come, Charlie he [C]were na worth a [F]plank.

I'm right glad to hear't, kimmer, I'm right glad to hear't
I hae a gude braid claymore, and for his sake I'll ware it.
Sin, Charlie he has landed, we ha'e nae mair to fear,
Sin Charlie he is come kimmer, we'll ha'e a jub'lee yea

Scottish Songs

Lassie wi' the yellow coatie chords

Written as a poem by James Duff around 1810
 with the tune added later, but the tune
is said to be older than the poem, most likely
around the 1640s.
Recorded by Ewan McColl and by The Corries


[G]Lassie wi the [C]yellow [G]coatie
[G]Will ye wed a [D7]moorland [G]jockie
[G]Lassie wi the [C]yellow [G]coatie
Will ye busk and [D7]gang wi [G]me

[G]I ha meal and [C]milk in [G]plenty
I ha kale and [D7]cakes fee [G]dainty
I've a but an ben [C]fee [G]gentry
But I want a wife [D7]like [G]thee

[G]Tho my mallen [C]be but [G]small
Little gold I [D7]hae to [G]show
I've a heart wit[C]hout a [G]flaw
And I'd gie it [D7]all tae [G]thee

[G]Haste ye lassie [C]tae my [G]bossom
While the roses [D7]are in [G]blossem
Time is precious, [C]dinna lose [G]them
Flo'ers will fade and [D7]so will [G]you

Scottish Songs

The Day We Went to Rothesay, O! Recorded By Ronnie Drew Group
[D]One Hogmany at [G]Glesca [A]Fair,
There was [D]me, myse[Bm]lf' and [C]sev'ral mair,
We [D]a' went [Bm]off to [G]hae a [A]tear
An' [D]spend the [A7]night in [D]Rothesay, O,
[D]We wandered [C]thro' the [G]Broomie[A]law,
Thro' [C]wind an' rain an' [G]sleet an' [A]snaw,
And at [D]forty [C]minutes [G]after [A]twa,
We [C]got the [A]length o' [D]Rothesay, O.
[D]A dirrum a [Bm]doo a [G]dum a [A]day,
A [D]dirrum a [Bm]doo a [C]daddy O,
A [D]dirrum a [Bm]doo a [G]dum a [A]day,
The [D]day we [A7]went to [D]Rothesay, O.

Scottish Songs

The Galloway Hills Chords Recorded By Tommy Makem

[G]Oh I'll tak' my plaidie contented tae be
A wee bittie kilted aboon my[F] knee
And I'll [G]gie my [Gmaj7]pipes anither [G]blaw
And I'll [C]gan oot [Am]ower the hills tae [G]Gallowa'

  [G]Oh the Gallowa' hills are covered wi' broom
  Wi' [F]heather bells in bonnie [G]bloom
  Wi' heather bells and rivers a'
  An I'll [C]gan oot [Am]ower the hills tae [D]Gallow[G]a'

Scottish Songs

I'll Lay Ye Doon Song-Traditional Recorded by Nick Cave

[G]I'll lay ye doon, love, I'll treat ye decent
   I'll [C]lay ye [G]doon, love, I'll [Am]fill your [C]can
   O I'll [G]lay ye doon, love, I'll treat ye decent
   For [C]surely [G]he is an [Am]hones[D]t [G]man

Scottish Songs

Kelvin Grove-Traditional

[G]Let us haste to [D]Kelvin [Em]Grove, [G]bonnie [C]lass[Am]ie [D7]o
[D]Through its [G]mazes [D]let us [Em]rove, [G]bonnie lass[Am]ie o
[D7]Where the [C]roses in in all her pride
[G]Paints the hollow [Amaj]dingle [D7]side
[G]Where the midnight [Baj7]fairies [Em]glide, [G]bonnie [C]lassie [G]o

Scottish Songs

Will Ye Gang Love-Traditional Scottish-Archie Fisher
[Bm]My love he [A]stands in yon [G]chaumer [A]door,
Combing [Bm]doon his [G]yellow [A]hair,
His [Fsharp.m]curly locks [Bm]I like to [G]see,
I wonder [Em]if my love [G]minds on [A]me.
Chorus :
Will ye[Bm] gang love, an' [G]leave me [A]noo?
Will ye [Bm]gang love, an' [G]leave me [A]noo?
Will ye forsake [Bmyour ain love [G]true,
An' gang wi' a [Em]lass that [G]ye never [A]knew?

Scottish Songs

Bonnie wee Jeannie Mccoll lyrics chords-Traditional
[C]A fine wee lass, a bonnie wee lass,
Is [F]bonnie wee Jeannie McColl;
I [G]gave her my mother's engagement ring
And a [F]bonnie wee tartan [C]shawl.
[C]I met her at a waddin'
In the Co-operative Hall
[G]I wis the best man
And [G7]she was the belle of the [C]ball.

Scottish Songs

Air Falalalo-Traditional, recorded by Dick Gaughan
[C]There's [C7]lilt in the [F]song I [Dm]sing,
There's [Bb]laughter and [C]love
There's tang of the [Gm]sea,
And [Am]blue from [Dm]Heaven a[Bb]bove!
Of [C7]reason there's [F]none;
And [Bb]why should [F]there be, for [Bb]why?
As [C7]long as there's fire in the blood and [Dm]toes
And [Bb]light in the [C7]eye!

Scottish Songs

My Harry was a gallant gay, LYRICS BY Walter Scott with music by Robert Burns
[Em]My Harry was a gallant gay fu' [D]stately strode he on the plain
[Em]Now he's banish'd far away I'll [G]never [D]see him [Em]back again
[Em]Oh for him back again, [D]oh for him back again
I [Em]wad gie a' knock-has-pie's land for [G]highland [D]Harry [Em]back again

Scottish Songs

Will ye no' come back again chords
[G]Bonnie Chairlie's [C]noo a[G]wa',
[G]Safely ower the [D]friendly [D7]main;
[G]Mony a heart will [C]break in [G]twa',
[G]Should he ne'er come [D7]back a[G]gain.
[G]Will ye no come back again?
[C]Will ye no come [G]back a[D7]gain?
[G]Better [D]lo'ed [Em]ye [C]canna [G]be,
[G]Will ye [D]no come [D7]back a[G]gain?


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