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Sean Treacy Irish Lyrics

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Sean Tracy lyrics and chords /Tipperary So Far Away.  Traditional Irish Song, unknown song writer., this version by The Wolfe Tones. Sean Tracy was shot dead October 1920 Alternative chords-G=D, C=G, D=A

The [G] sun had set with it`s [D] golden rays
And the [C] bitter [D] fight was [G] over
Our [D] brave boys sleep [C] beneath the [D] clay,
On [G] this earth they [C] are no [D] more
The moon shone over the [C] battle[D]field
Where a [G] dying [C] rebel [D] lay
His [G] arms were crossed and his [D] body stretched,
His [C] life blood [D] flowed [G] away
There were none to weep for you Sean Treacy
Or were keen in to sing in your praise
To decide your deeds like the Gaels of yore
On your face we no longer gaze
In that kingdom of love may your dear soul rest
On the word that we fervently pray
That we`ll all meet above the old friends we love
In Tipperary so far away
The soldiers of Erin bore him high
On their shoulders, they solemnly tread
And many a heart with a tearful sigh
Wept over our patriot dead
In silence they lowered him into the grave
To rest till his reckoning day
Sean Treacy who died, his home to save
In Tipperary so far away

This rebel song was recorded in two versions with different endings and in different major keys by the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem and by the Wolfe Tones . The following chords are by Marc.

Clancy Brothers’ and Makem’s version

The (A)moon it shone down on old (E7)Dublin (E)town
When the (E7)deadly fight was (A)o'er
(E)Thousands lay on the (A)cold, cold (E)ground
Their (E7)lives to claim no (A)more
The (E)moon it shone down on O'(A)Connell (E)Street
Where a (E7)dying young rebel (A)lay
With his (A)body gashed and his (E7)arms out(E)stretched
And his (E7)life's blood flowing a(A)way

A (A)passing comrade (E7)heard the (E)moans
The (E7)sufferer soon was (A)found
(E)Softly, gently he (A)raised his (E)head
Up (E7)from the cold, cold (A)ground
(E)Softly, gently ‚Com(A)rade’, he (E)cried,
‚No (E7)longer on earth can I (A)stay.
I will (A)never more roam to my (E7)own native (E)home
It’s Tippe(E7)rary, so far a(A)way.’

His (A)comrades gathered a(E7)round (E)him
And (E7)bid him a last fare(A)well
He (E)was as true and as (A)brave a (E)lad
That (E7) ever in battle (A)fell
They (E)dug a grave and (A)in it the (E)laid
The (E7)bones of Sean Tracy so (A)brave
He will (A)never more roam to his (E7)own native (E)home
Tippe(E7)rary, so far a(A)way.’

Wolfe Tones’ version
Intro: C-G-C-G
The (C)moon it shone down on (G7)Dublin (G)town
When the (G7)deadly fight was (C)o'er
(G)Thousands lay on the (C)cold, cold (G)ground
Their (G7)lives to claim no (C)more
The (G)moon it shone down in O'(C)Connell (G)Street
Where a (G7)dying young rebel (G)lay
With his (C)body gashed and his (G7)arms out(G)stretched
And his (G7)life's blood flowing a(C)way

A (C)passing comrade soon (G7)heard the (G)moans
The (G7)sufferer soon was (C)found
(G)Softly, gently they (C)raised his (G)head
Up (G7)from the cold, cold (C)ground
(G)Softly, gently ‚Com(C)rades’, he (G)cried,
‚No (G7)longer on earth can I (C)stay.
I will (C)never more roam to my (G7)own native (G)home
Tippe(G7)rary, so far a(C)way.’

A (C)lock of my hair I (G7)pray you (G)take
To my (G7)mother so dear to (C)me
And (G)tell her 'twas here by the (C)Liffey (G)side
My (G7)mouldering bones do (C)lay
For’t would (G)grieve your heart to see (C)young men shot (G)down,
Their (G7)bodies thrown into the (C)sea
And a (C)vision of light came be(G7)fore me to(G)night
Of Tippe(G7)rary so far a(C)way

The (C)soldiers of Ireland bore (G7)him on (G)high
On their (G7)shoulders with solemm (C)tread
And (G)many a heart with (C)tearful (G)sigh
Wept (G7)over our patriot (C)dead
In (G)silence they lowered him (C)in the (G)grave
To (G7)rest to the reckoning (G!)day
Sean (C)Tracy who died (pause) his (G7)home to (G)save (pause)
In Tippe(G7)rary so far a(C)way

Outro: C-C-G7-G   G7-G7-C-C


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