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Seven Men Irish Rebel Song

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Seven Men Lyrics And Guitar Chords. Another song about the 1916 rising. If anybody knows the band in the video give me a shout so I may credit them. Written by Francis Brolly, Sinn Fein councillor for Dungiven-Limavady, Derry. Song written in 1966.  He was a regular in the Irish music circuit in the seventies, early eighties, as part of a duo “Anne and Francis Brolly”.

Intro: A-A7-D-G-D


For (D)countless years true (G)Irishmen have (A)lived in slave(A7)ry

When (D)seven men with (G)burning souls had a (A)dream of (A7)Ireland (D)free

They (G)saw the green flag (A)flying o’er the (E)likes of me and (A)you(A7)

And (D)with their hearts they (G)gave their lifes to (A)make their (A7)dream come (D)true.


(D)Connolly saw o(G)ppression true the (A)curse of pover(A7)ty

The (D)youth did served, the (G)hungry child, des(A)pair and (A7)mise(D)ry.

His (G)vision was of (A)better  times for the (E)likes of me and (A)you(A7)

And (D)for that cause he (G)fought and died what (A)more  could (A7)one man (D)do?


As the (D)kindling  breeze of (G)liberty swept (A)softly o’er this (A7)land

Mac(D)Donagh, Pearse and (G)Plunkett felt its (A)staring (A7)strong and (D)grand

These (G)learned men left (A)book and pen for the (E)likes of me and (A)you(A7)

And (D)by the sword they (G)pledged their word to (A)free their (A7)rushing (D)???


Brave (D)Sean MacDermott (G)battled on in (A)sickness and in (A7)pain

To (D)march with Kent, to (G)follow Clarke and (A)conquer (A7)for Sinn (D)Fein

At (G)Easter tide they (A)all three died for the (E)likes of me of (A)you(A7)

Faced (D)British might to (G)bring the light of (A)freedom (A7)shining (D)through


Though (D)many years have (G)passed since then true (A)men we remember (A7)still

Those (D)seven men and (G)seven more who (A)lie in (A7)Arbour (D)Hill

The (G)very name of (A)Pearse must shame the (E)likes of me and (A)you(A7)

Who (D)stand and stare and (G)will not dare to (A)do what (A7)we should (D)do

seven men-Irish rebel song


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