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Smugglers Lyrics And Chords Men The Couldn't Hang

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Smugglers Lyrics And Chords by The Men They Couldn't Hang. Guitar chords by Marc Fahrbach 4/4

To play along with The Men They Couldn’t Hang on Waiting for Bonaparte use capo on 2nd fret to change key to D major. A traditional song for the most part. The last verse was written by Ian McCalman who also wrote the music to the song as it was a poem to begin with. I have included the sheet music notes. The Colours Lyrics And Chords

Smugglers mp3

The (C)boat rides south of (G)Ailsa (C)Craig in the (F)waning (C)of the (G)light
There's (F)thirty (G)men in (C)Lendal(Am)fit to (F)make our (C)burden (G)light -G
And there's (C)thirty horse in (G)Hazle(C)holm with the (F)halters (C)on their (G)heads
All (F)set this (G)night up (C)on your (Am)life if (Dm)wind and water (C)speed

(Am)Smugglers drink of the (Em)frenchmens wine

And the (Am)darkest night is the (C)smugglers (G)time
A(F)way we ran from the (C)excise (Am)man
It's a (C)smugglers life for (F)me
It's a (C)smugglers (G7)life for (C)me

"Oh (C)lass you have a (G)cozy (C)bed, and (F)cattle (C)you have (G)ten
Can (F)you not (G)live a (C)lawful (Am)life and (F)live with (C)lawful (G)men?"  -G
But (C)must I use old (G)homely (C)goods while there's (F)foreign (C)gear so (G)fine?
Must (F)I drink (G)at the (C)water(Am)side and (Dm)France so full of (C)wine


Though (C)well I like to (G)see you (C)Kate, with a (F)baby (C)on your (G)knee
My(F)heart is (G)now with the (C)gallant (Am)crew that (F)plough through the (C)angry (G)sea - G
The (C)bitter gale, the (G)tightest (C)sail, and the (F)sheltered (C)bay or (G)goal
It's the (F)wayward (G)life, it's the (C)smugglers (Am)strife, it's the (Dm)joy of the smugglers (C)soul


And (C)when at last the (G)dawn comes (C)up and the (F)cargo’s (C)safely (G)stored
Like (F)sinless (G)saints to (C)church we'll (Am)go, God's (F)mercy (C)to a(G)fford -G
And It's (C)champagne fine for (G)communion (C)wine and the (F)parson (C)drinks it, (G)too
With a (F)sly wink (G)prays "For(C)give these (Am)men, for they (Dm)know not what they (C)do"


It's a (C)smugglers life for (F)me
It's a (C)smugglers (G)life for (C)me

smugglers sheet music

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