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Song Of The Rebel Irish Lyrics And Chords

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Song Of The Rebel Irish chords and lyrics. Collected by David Kincaid who also set the song to music, the song itself is from the American civil war which saw deaths from just one Irish regiment ''The Irish Brigade'' of 6,000 men. The video is from a film ''Gods And Generals'' , thew clip was deleted from the movie before being released. The guitar chords are by Marc Fahrbach.



For the version from the movie ‚Gods and Genereals’ use capo on 2nd fret


Oh, not (D)now for songs of a (A7)nation's (D)wrongs,

not the groans of starving (A7)la(D)bor;

Let the rifle ring and the (A7)bullet (D)sing

to the clash of the flashing (G)sa(A7)bre!


There are (D)Irish ranks on the (A7)tented (D)banks

of Columbia's guarded (A7)oce(D)an;

And an iron clank from (A7)flank to (D)flank

tells of armed men in (G)mo(A7)tion.


The (D)Irish green shall a(A7)gain be (D)seen

as our Irish fathers (A7)bore (D)it,

A burning wind from the (A7)South be(D)hind,

and the Yankee rout be(G)fore (A7)it!


O'(D)Neil's red hand shall (A7)purge the (D)land-

Rain a fire on men and (A7)catt(D)le,

Till the Lincoln snakes in their (A7)own cold (D)lakes

Plunge from the blaze of (G)batt(A7)le.


Whoe(D)'er shall march by tri(A7)umphal (D)arch

Whoe'er may swell the (A7)slaugh(D)ter,

Our drums shall roll from the (A7)Capi(D)tol

O'er Potomac's fateful (G)wa(A7)ter!


Rise, (D)bleeding ghosts, to the (A7)Lord of (D)Hosts

For judgement final and (A7)sol(D)emn;

Your fanatic horde to the (A7)edge if the (D)sword

Is doomed line, square, and (G)co(D)lumn!


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