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Sound Of The Pibroch

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Sound the Pibroch Lyrics And Chords. Traditional Scottish song written by Norman McLeod and the Jacobites. Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy played this song in E major, using a capo on the 4th fret.

(C)Sound the Pibroch lo(F)ud on Hi(C)gh,
Frae Jo(C)hn'O'Groats tae the Is(F)le O Sk(C)ye,
Let (C)all your (Am)clans with (C)battle c(F)ry,
Ari(C)se and follow Ch(G)arl(C)ie
(C)Hatcheen foam, foam, foam,
(G)Hatcheen foam, foam, foam,
(C)Hatcheen foam, foam, fo(F)am,
Ri(C)se and follow Cha(G)rli(C)e

And (C)see a small de(F)voted (C)band,
By (C)dark Loch Shiel have (F)ta'en their (C)stand
And (C)proudly (Am)vow with (C)heart and (F)hand,
To (C)fight for Royal (G)Char(C)lie!

Frae (C)every hill and (F)every (C)glen,
Are (C)gatherin' fast the (F)loyal (C)men;
They (C)grasp their (Am)dirks and (C)shout a(F)gain,
"Hur(C)rah! for Royal (G)Char(C)lie!"

On (C)dark Culloden's (F)field of (C)gore
Hark! (C)hark! they shout, "Clay(F)more! Clay(C)more!"
They (C)bravely (Am)fight, what (C)can they (F)more?
They (C)die for Royal (G)Char(C)lie!

No (C)more we'll see such (F)deeds a(C)gain,
De(C)serted is each (F)Highland (C)glen,
And (C)lonely (Am)cairns are (C)o'er the (F)men,
Who (C)fought and died for (G)Char(C)lie!

The (C)White Rose blossoms (F)forth a(C)gain,
(C)Deep in sheltered (F)Highland (C)glens;
And (C)soon we'll (Am)hear the (C)cry we (F)ken
Tae (C)rise! And fight for (G)Char(C)lie!


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