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The Spirit of the Sea

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The Spirit Of The Sea. Lyrics And Chords. Written and recorded by Padraig Grimes. An Irish sea shanty song about a fishing boat that leaves Killybegs with a crew of seven men, only one returns to port as the trawler sails into a storm and the boat is lost. Alas an all too familiar story for our brave fishermen. Padraig has written many fine songs, many are included here on the site including Ireland's Woe and The Old Homestead

In[C] the coldness of[F] winter, with the[G] mountains so[C] grey
When the[Am] mother of [G]nature sent [F]nothing but [C]rain
I stand [F]outside my door and[G] stare out to the[C] sea
And I[Am] think about that[G] awful day so[F] long ago that[G] still remains with[C] me

See many moons ago my friend when I was but a lad
I sailed on board a trawler and some good times they were had
Our captain`s name was Murphy and a fine old man was he
He taught me more than any man
The ways of life and the ways of the sea
And we[F] sailed the[G] stormy[C] seas my [Am]friend
I was[F] young and[G] wild and[C] free
It`s where[F] I became a[G] man
Oh some[C] good times they were[Am] had
on the [F]spirit [G]of the [C]sea
I remember that day, when we sailed away
And left the town of Killybegs to vanish in our wake
We had a crew of seven, captain Murphy at the helm
The mood that day was jolly
Every man on board he knew his job right well

But the fish they were not plentiful, and we had to travel far
Much further out than we`d ever gone before
Then a sudden storm it broke and the ship took on a list
Our captain said were going home
So we turned around and sailed into the mist

As we sailed for home at full speed, it soon became so clear
That we didn`t have a chance in hell, to make it to the shore
Abandon ship our captain roared, before she drags us down
So one by one we said a prayer
Then jumped right in, the choice to live or drowned

Well by the next evening the rescue it was done
And the number of survivors, they counted only one
Oh the seas a fickle mistress, now why did she smile on me
God keep you captain Murphy and your gallant crew
And the spirit of the sea


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