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State Of A Nation

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STATE OF A NATION Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords 3/4 (Ciaran Murphy)
Ciaran Murphy played this song in a key of E major. To do so use a capo on the 2nd fret or change the chords as follows: D=E, A=B, G=A. Chords by Marc.

The youtube video photos has very little to do with the content of the song.

Well this (D)place is always changing,
The (A)rules are rear(D)ranging
Romantic (G)Ireland's dead and (D)gone
It stayed a while but not for (A)long
Though all things pass a(D)way. -D

But (D)I’m not sure we're knowing
Ex(A)actly where we're (D)going.
We've thrown a(G)way a lot of (D)stuff
Because it doesn't pay e(A)nough
But the rich must have their (D)way -D

So (D)Ancient sites are forgotten
And (A)bulldozed into (D)nothing
Replacing (G)god like beauty (D)spots
With petrol pumps and parking (A)lots
Sure it happens every (D)day -D

And if we (D)do nothing now then (A)soon there'll be nothing at (G)all -G-G-G
When were (D)pulling down houses and (A)putting up buildings so (G)tall -G-G-G
When (D)businessmen rush, as (A)half concerned, impotent, (G)government ministers crawl a
And the (D)high seed (seat?) of Tara, you (A)won’t recognize it at (G)all.-G
Oh, you (D)won’t recognize it at (G)all.-G-G-G

We (D)don't want saints or scholars
Just (A)Euros, Pounds and (D)Dollars
Don't talk of (G)Connelly’s lega(D)cy
It’s bad for our e(A)conomy
And you won’t get rich that (D)way. -D

We (D)used the Easter rising
For (A)Bertie’s adver(D)tising
But don't talk a(G)bout the rebels (D)goals
And cover up the bullet (A)holes
And hope it goes a(D)way -D

And there's (D)wise men that tell us we're (A)not to look into the (G)past -G-G-G
It’s as (D)well we can look to the (A)Future or nothing would (G)last. -G-G-G
Ciaran (D)Doherty died as an (A)Irish TD and not a (G)word of condolence was passed.
But for (D)princess Diana they (A)lowered the flag to half (G)mast -G
Oh they (D)lowered our flag to half (G)mast, -G
So who's (D)taking us back to the (G)past? -G-G-G

We (D)learned a valued lesson,
From (A)centuries of re(D)pression.
We held the (G)line and never (D)thought
The men above us could be (A)bought
Well what more can I (D)say. -D

They (D)brought in legislation
To (A)kill the Irish (D)nation,
They christened (G)it democra(D)cy
That doesn't mean a thing to (A)me.
While our powers are locked a(D)way. -D

We're (D)sending back babies to (A)hell at McDowel’s co(G)mmand -G-G-G
But we (D)still have our country to (A)sell at stranger’s de(G)mands. -G-G-G
They (D)celebrate wealth, that (A)we'll never see give (G)unionised workers the sack. -G
Their (D)key to success is the (A)sweat of an immigrants (G)back
Is the (D)sweat of an immigrants (G)back 


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