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Staten Island Johnny McEvoy

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Staten Island Song Lyrics Guitar Chords 4/4 (Johnny McEvoy)

Johnny McEvoy’s version on his recent album ‘Never Smelt The

Roses’ was recorded in a key A major with the capo on 2nd fret. To play along to the older version on YouTube use your capo on 3rd fret.

Intro: G-G-C-G   G-G-D-G-G

We [G]sailed our ship up the Hudson River
To the wild At[D]lantic, we [G]said farewell
On Staten Island [C]when we [G]landed
There we had our [D]tale to [G]tell -G

[D]We’re the poor, the [C]huddled masses
[D]We have crossed the [C]lonely [G]sea
Left the old world [C]for the [G]new world
Left the old ways [D]to be [G]free -G

We [G]left our homes in forty seven
Turned our backs a[D]gainst the [G]wind
From our ships of [C]creaking [G]timber
We bid farewell to a [D]famished [G]land  -G



With [G]heavy hearts we left behind us
Memories of [D]better [G]days
Old men talking, [C]children [G]laughing
As we danced the [D]night a[G]way -G



Bridge: G-G-G   G-D-G-G   G-G-C-G   G-G-D-G-G

[G]Still we hear their voices calling
On the wind we [D]hear the [G]sound
Friends and loved ones, [C]old and [G]young ones
Lie beneath the [D]famine [G]bound -G



[G]Now those days are far behind us
Now our spirits [D]have grown [G]strong
In this land that [C]gave us [G]freedom
And the will to [D]carry [G]on -G



Repeat Bridge twice


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