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The Station Of Knocklong Lyrics And Guitar Chords

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The Station Of Knocklong Lyrics And Guitar Chords. chords fit the version by Johnny Donegan. Knocklong train station is on the Cork to Dublin line close to Limerick Junction. Knocklong however small a village it is played a role in modern Irish history. It is most famous for the rescue of Sean Hogan with took place at the railway station in Knocklong during the War of Independence on May 13, 1919. SeŠn Treacy and Sťamus Robinson were joined by five men from IRA East Limerick Brigade in order to organise Hogan's rescue. Hogan was being transported by train to Cork on 13 May 1919, and the men, lead by Treacy, boarded the train in Knocklong. A close-range shoot-out followed on the train. Treacy and Breen were seriously wounded in the gun fight, two policemen died, but Hogan was rescued. He was spirited away to Knocklong village where his handcuffs were cleaved by Sťan Lynch, one of the rescuers, in the local butcher's shop. However that train station has since been removed. Info courtesy of The guitar chords are by Marc Fahrbach, timing 6/8 . This is one of the very few Irish folk or rebel song where the song is sang in ''Country Style' tempo.

Edmond Foley and Patrick Maher were executed on the 7th of May 1921 for their part
in springing volunteer Sean Hogan at Knocklong station while the train was heading for Cork prison.
Sean Hogan had been arrested in the area a few days earlier and was only 17 years old. He was one of the four involved in the Soloheadbeg ambush during the war for independence.
Dan Breen and Sean Tracy gave the order to rescue Hogan.
Five volunteers from The Galtee Brigade joined the operation, Edmond Foley was one of them.
When the train reached Knocklong Station Hogan was being garded by four policemen.
Fighting broke out between the volunteers and the policemen and a policeman was killed.
Sean Foley's parents were visited by the Crown Forces the next day, he wasn't there but later gave a statement and then went on the run.

Intro: D-D-G-G   A-G-D-D
The (D)news has spread through (G)Ireland
And (A)spread from (G)shore to (D)shore,
Of (G)such a (D)deed no (F#m)living (Bm)man
Has (D)ever (Bm)heard be(G)fore.
From (G)out a (D)guarded (F#m)carriage (Bm)mid
A (D)panic (Bm)stricken (G)throng,
Sean (D)Hogan he was (G)rescued
At the (A)station (G)of Knock(D)long.

When a (D)guard of four po(G)licemen
Had their (A)prisoner (G)minded (D)well,
As the (G)fatal (D)train sped (F#m)oer the (Bm)rails
Con(D)veying him (Bm)to his (G)cell.
The (G)prisoner (D)then could (F#m)scarce fore(Bm)tell,
Of (D)hearts both (Bm)brave and (G)strong.
That were (D)planning for his (G)rescue
At the (A)station (G)of Knock(D)long.

The (D)shades of eve were (G)falling fast
When the (A)train at (G)last drew (D)in.
It was (G)halted (D)for an (F#m)hour or (Bm)so
By a (D)few cou(Bm)rageous (G)men.
They (G)sprang in(D)to the (F#m)carriage (Bm)and
It (D)did not (Bm)take them (G)long.
Hands (D)up or die, was the (G)rebel cry
At the (A)station (G)of Knock(D)long.

Now King (D)George’s pampered (G)hirelings
They (A)shrivelled (G)up with (D)fear,
And (G)thought of (D)how they (F#m)placed in (Bm)cells
Full (D)many a (Bm)Volun(G)teer.
Now, (G)face to (D)face with (F#m)armed (Bm)men
To es(D)cape how (Bm)they did (G)long.
But (D)two of them met with (G)traitors’ deaths
At the (A)station (G)of Knock(D)long.

From (D)Sologhead to (G)Limerick
Such (A)deeds as (G)these were (D)seen,
And (G)devil a (D)tear was (F#m)ever (Bm)shed
For (D)Wallace (Bm)of Ros(G)keen.
They (G)did old (D)Englands (F#m)dirty (Bm)work
And (D)did that (Bm)work too (G)long.
But the (D)renegades were (G)numbered up
At the (A)station (G)of Knock(D)long.

Now, (D)rise up Mother (G)Erin
And (A)always (G)be of (D)cheer.
You’ll (G)never (D)die while (F#m)at your (Bm)side
There (D)stand such (Bm)Volun(G)teers.
From (G)Dingle (D)Bay to (F#m)Garryo(Bm)wen
The (D)cheers will (Bm)echo (G)long.
Of the (D)rescue of Sean (G)Hogan
At the (A)station (G)of Knock(D)long.


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