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Strathbrock Cross

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Strathbrock Cross Song Lyrics, Written By Peter Duffy
The cross is the cross roads in the main street of the town and Strathbrock is the area which the town of Broxburn sits. Both area and town get their names from the badger. Strathbrock meaning the valley of the Badger and Broxburn meaning Badger living by the burn or stream. The song is about the people of Broxburn past and present and the people moving in from the citys and other countries and also the people that were brought up in Broxburn and have now moved away.
The town is Broxburn in West Lothian,Scotland and although its not Irish the town was built by Irish imigrants working in the shale mines digging for oil in the early 1900s. Too this day most of the town has Irish links 

Last (D)night as I lay thinking (Am)before falling a (D)sleep
I thought of friends and family (Am)and bonds oh so (D)deep
(G) I thought of dear departed (D) who left us broken hearted
(G) thought of those who travelled (D) who thought their lives (A)unfilled

Many happy memories of the past and early days
And many happy stories of the old and their ways
And the people before us who built up this town
The hard working men who worked under the ground

In the days of the paraffin trail the miners were mining shale
The farmers were gathering their crop of barley and hay
A hard days toil for the oil and the soil
With no power drills and machinery like today

The town in which I grew up is the town my parents grew up
And although the times have changed there's places remained the same
A long main street that has weathered many feet
From past present and future its where the people will meet

Though some may travel the world never too return
They never forget their time in Broxburn
memories of the town will never be lost
When they can dream of the Strathbrock Cross

We care for the young and we watch as they grow
Then we care for the old before its their time to go
And the memories and knowledge they leave behind
Helps us in our lives to live to bond and bind

A new generation this town is in their hands
And we must make sure we all understand
We may be born from miners and men who worked the farms
There'll always be a welcome for new faces with open arms

For as time moves on year after year
Friendship grows stronger friendship so dear
and life is short as time moves on
The town will remain when we are all gone

(G)Yes life is short as time moves(D) on
(G)Broxburn will remain when(D) we are all(Am)gone (D)


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