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Ten Forgotten Men lyrics + chords

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Ten Forgotten Men The Irish Brigade Irish song lyrics and chords, This song is about the 10 men that were executed during the Irish war of independence, some were killed by The Black And Tans and others by The British Army itself, the names were -Patrick Maher, Edmond Foley, Thomas Traynor, Thomas Bryan, Bernard Ryan, Patrick Doyle, Frank Flood, Patrick Moran, Thomas Wheelan and Kevin Barry, These men were given a state funeral on 14 Oct. 2001. The song was written by Gerry O'Glacain from The Irish Brigade. The guitar chords were worked out by Marc Fahrback, thanks Marc.

Intro: F-G-C-Am-F-G-C


I (F)watched it on the (G)TV and I (F)couldn’t under(Am)stand

(C)Ten forgotten (G)heroes were been (F)honoured in our (G)land

For (F)eighty years they’d (G)been ignored in the (C)land for which they (Am)died

When it (F)suited poli(G)ticians to (C)beam (???) in borrowed (Am)pride.



(F)Ten forgotten (G)men are (C)honoured once ag(Am)ain

And (F)stand alongside (G)Pearse and Conno(Am)lly

When a (F)hundret years are (G)gone their (C)memory will live (Am)on

In a (F)land that stands un(G)ited and (C)free.


At the (Am)barricades in (G)Sackville Street (F)brave men fought and (Am)died

From the (C)ashes of the (G)GPO our (F)heroes rose with (G)pride

In (F)Sixty-Six their (G)memory was in(C)flamed (???) throughout the (Am)land

What (F)happened these last (G)thirty years was (C)hard to under(Am)stand.




There was (Am)thousands throng the (G)Dublin streets, ten (F)coffins moved a(Am)long

And my (C)mind goes back to (G)Bobby Sands and the (F)men of Eighty-(G)One

Where (F)were these poli(G)ticians to speak (C)out for ten brave (Am)men

Can’t they (F)see it’s just hyp(G)ocrisy to (C)say they’re not (Am)???


Chorus twice

The Irish Brigade lyrics and chords


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