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The Balena

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The Balena Lyrics And Guitar Chords-The McCalmans-The Balena sailed from Dundee to Greenland in search of Whales during the first part of the 19th century. The guitar chords fit the McCalmans version of the song-Traditional

The (C)noble fleet of whalers went (F)sailing from Dun(G)dee

Well manned by British sailors to (F)work upon the (G)sea

On the (C)western ocean passage none (F)can with them com(G)pare

For there's not a ship could make the trip as Ba(F)lena (G)I de(C)clare



The (C)wind is on the quarter and her (F)engine’s working (G)free

And there's not another whaler that (F)sails out from Dun(G)dee

Can (C)beat the ould Balena she'll (F)need no trial (G)run

For we challenge all both great and small from (F)Dundee (G)to St. (C)John


It (C)happened on Tuesday three (F)days out of Dun(G)dee

The Gale took off the long boat and a (F)couple of men you (G)see

That (C)took away our bulwark, our (F)stanchions and our (G)rails

And left the ould Balena boys a (F)frothing (G)in the (C)gales




There's a (C)new built Terra Nova, she's a (F)model with no (G)doubt

There's the “Arctic” and the “Aurora” you've (F)heard so much a(G)bout

There's (C)Jacklin's model mail-boat, the (F)terror of the (G)sea

Couldn't beat the ould Balena boys on a (F)passage (G)from Dun(C)dee




Bold (C)Jacklin cut the canvas and (F)fairly raised the (G)steam

And Captain Guy with Erin boy goes (F)ploughing through the (G)stream

But (C)Millan says the “Eskimo” could (F)beat the bloomin' (G)lot

But to beat the ould Balena boys they'd (F)find it (G)rather (C)hot


And (C)now that we have landed boys where the (F)rum is mighty (G)cheap

We'll drink success to Captain Guy for (F)getting o'er the (G)deep

And (C)health to all our sweethearts and (F)to our wives so (G)fair

Not another ship could make that trip but the Ba(F)lena (G)I de(C)clare




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