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The Cobbler Lyrics Chords [Scottish Song]

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The Cobbler Lyrics And Guitar Chords, a Scottish traditional song that started out as a poem by T. T. Kilbucho 4/4 Guitar chords by Marc Fahrbach.


Well the (G)auld fowk (D7)garr'd me (G)cobble

But ma (D7)cobblin' days are (G)duin

Syne (C)merrit intae siller noo

I'm (G)by wi' buits an' (D7)shuin.

Oh, the (G)lave* can (D7)hae the (G)blessin's [remainder]

O' a(D7)ffection an' ro(G)mance,

I was (C)still amang their bauchles* [down-at-heel shoes]

Had I (G)skippit sic a (D)chance.


Well the (C)dominie had (D)notions

Tho' the (G)twa-some (D7)har'ly (G)met,

While (C)Gossip blam't the meenister

For (G)hingin' roun' the (D)yett.* [gate]

And the (C)lawyer kenn'd 'er (D)tocher,* [what she was worth]

'Twas his (G)preevi(D7)lege tae (G)ken,

But wi' (C)nocht save needfu' business

Was that (G)worthy askit (D)ben.




The (C)laird gat inte(D)restit

Suin's he (G)saw 'er (D7)in the (G)pew

An' he’s (C)cam' tae ilka service syne

A(G)fore attendin' (D)few.

And the (C)preacher thocht 'im (D)pious

'Cause he (G)didna (D7)un'er(G)staun,

But the (C)countryside gaed speechless

Gin she (G)taen the cobbler's (D)haun.


Aye the (G)auld fowk (D7)garr'd me (G)cobble

But ma (D7)cobblin' days are (G)duin

Syne (C)merrit intae siller noo

I'm (G)by wi' buits an' (A7)shuin.-D-G



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