Irish Songs Lyrics With Guitar Chords By Martin Dardis

The Craic Song

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The Craic Song Lyrics. This song was written about me [Martin Dardis] by John Keogh. John makes up songs about everybody and anybody, he has a mighty sence of humour. If you would like to see other song by John check out all the stuff he's written here. I intend to pay Mr. Keogh back for this one in the future when I get into my songwriting mood, well done John, ye rascal. Th second song by John is a take of of a Percy French song named ''Are You Right There Martin'' , the third song by John is a tribute to the ballad group I play with '' The Fingal Brigade''.

My name is Martin Dardis and I come fom Paddy’s Land,
By day, I drive a taxicab, by night I’m in a band.
I live in dear ould Dublin Town, in a place known as North Swords,
And I also have a website, where I teach guitar chords.
I had a hundred thousand jobs before joinin’ “The Brigade,”
I suppose that you could say I was a Jackeen of all trades.
But now I’ve settled down to playin’ my guitar,
And workin’ as a Jarvey in my ould taxi car.
The outfit that I play in is The Fingal Brigade,
And when we play in Dublin’s bars, we don’t drink lemonade!
Oh, no, ‘tis Liffey Water that we’ll be quaffin’ down,
You can bet your life, the Craic is great in the bars of Dublin Town! 

Are You Right There Martin Are You Right.
Here's another catchy song by John where he has
me picking up Maxi in a taxi and asking her come
come to a gig. We will never know if she turns up or not.
Only John knows what happened in the end.
You’ll have heard of a singer called Maxi,
A girl with a certain appeal.
But you can bet she never rode in a taxi,
With Martin Dardis at the wheel.
For Martin would surely have asked her,
To find out just how she might feel,
Would she come to his bar in the evening,
For a bit of a jig and a reel.
Are ye right there, Martin, are ye right?
D’ye think that maybe she’ll turn up tonight?
In her glory, ye’ll be baskin’
So there’ll be no harm in askin’
For she might now, Martin, so she might!
I believe she can be heard on the wireless’
And she also appears on the TV.
In her work for UNICEF, she is tireless,
Sure, she barely has time to have her tea!
She interviews so many famous people,
But she never yet has interviewed me!
But if the day ever comes when I meet her,
Sure now, it’s maybe then that we will see!
Are ye right there, Martin, are ye right?
So if ye should chance to meet her any night,
Could ye tell her about me?
There’s no reason for to doubt me,
For she might now, Martin, so she might!
John Keogh, 9th March 2011

leprechaun playing Music

The Versatile Musicians Song
One day, Dr. Who in his Tardis,
Went in search of a band called Kincade,
Instead, he met Martin Dardis,
And the rest of the Fingal Brigade.
There’s Patsy who plays on a bodhrán,
And Martin is on his guitar,
There’s Joe blowin’ on a tin whistle,
In a Dublin pub called The Star.
There’s Eugene playin’ on his accordian,
It makes a change from workin’ wid’ planes,
They might not be makin’ a fortune,
But it’s better than cleanin’ out drains!
Now, Patsy could cook you up some colcannon,
Or maybe a pot of brúitín,
Or ye might like “Navvies Mouthorgans,”
As me Da used to call his crubeens.
Now ye’ve all done and yer buttons are creakin’
And while ye’re lickin’ yer plates,
If there’s a hole in yer roof, an’ it’s leakin’
You might ask Joe to go fixin’ yer slates!
John Keogh, Ard File na hEireann, 15th May 2011


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