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The Dublin Fusiliers lyrics and chords

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The Dublin Fusiliers, Irish Song Lyrics And Chords Written by Johnny McEvoy, a fine anti war song about an Irish battalion of the British army, with the British promising home rule for Ireland after the great war many Irish signed up to fight for the British army, they were betrayed again. The chords for this song were kindly sent by Marc Fahrbach who plays Irish music in Germany, thanks Marc.

To play along with Johnny McEvoy use capo on the 2nd fret

The D7-chord used in the chord set below is fully optional. 4/4 timing.


When (G)I was young (C)and in my prime
(G)I thought I'd take a (D)chance,(D7)
To (G)join with my com(C)panions
(G)And fight the (D)war in (G)France,
John (D)Redmond said when (C)peace has (G)come,
(C)Old Ireland (G)will be (D)free (D7)
When (G)you return brave (C)heroes
From the (G)war with (D)Germa(G)ny
And (D)in my dreams (G)I see them still
Come (C)marching (G)down the (D)years(D7)
The (G)boys who stood be(C)side me in
The (G)Dublin (D)Fusil(G)iers
There was (G)Johnny Roach from (C)Dolphins Barn
And (G)Micko from rings(D)end,(D7)
(G)And Willy Doyle from (C)Dalky Town
(G)None better (D)as a (G)friend
We (D)marched together (C)through the (G)mud
(C)The likes you’ve (G)never (D)seen(D7)
And (G)as we passed (C)we sang a song
''The (G)Wearing (D)Of The (G)Green''
Poor (G)Micko fell at (C)Messin Ridge
While (G)tryin’ to take the (D)hill(D7)
(G)A German bullet (C)brought him down,
(G)His body (D)cold and (G)still
And (D)Johnny Roach and (C)Willie (G)Doyle
Though (C)they were (G)never (D)found(D7)
Like (G)thousands they still (C)lie today
Be(G)neath the (D)battle (G)ground
Now (G)I am old- (C)not wanted here
(G)A stranger in my (D)home(D7)
(G)I sit alone in (C)my backyard
(G)And watch the (D)sun go (G)down
But (D)medals are no (C)good to (G)you
When (C)you are (G)old and (D)grey(D7)
And the (G)taste of gas (C)upon your lips
Will (G)never (D)go a(G)way
Chorus twice


The image is of Johnny McEvoy's new album ''Never Smelt The Roses'' which is now released and there are several new songs and some of his old favorites. The album was three years in the making and Johnny says that some of his finest work is included and is his best work in about forty years. I remember Brendan Grace and Johnny McEvoy doing an interview on R.T.E television and saying how well the Irish songs are so popular in Newfoundland Canada and the way the people talk with pronounced Irish accents as if they were from Cork or Kerry, yet these Newfoundland people have never been to Ireland, I find this quite amazing from third or forth generation Irish that they still hold on to their Irish heritage, it's now no surprise the amount of visits this site gets from Newfoundland looking for Irish lyrics and guitar chords.

Song Words Without The Chords
When I was young and in my prime I thought I'd take a chance,
Join with my companions and fight the war in France,
John Redmond says when peace has come, Old Ireland will be free
When you return brave heroes from the war with Germany
And in my dreams I see them still come marching down the years The boys that stood beside mew in the Dublin fusiliers
There was Johnny Roach from Dolphins Barn and Micko from ringsend,
And Willy Doyle from Dalky town none better as a friend
We marched together through the mud the likes you never seen
And as we passed we sang a song ''The Wearing Of The Green''
And in my dreams I see them still come marching down the hill
The boys that stood beside me in the Dublin fusiliers
Poor Micko fell at messin ridge while trying to take the hill
A German bullet brought him down, his body cold and still
And Johnny Roach and Willie Doyle though they were never found
Like thousands they still lie today beneath the battle ground
And in my dreams I see them still, come marching down the hill,
The boys that stood beside me in the Dublin fusiliers
Now I no more not wanted here stranger in my home
I sit alone in my backyard and watch the sun go down
But medals are no good to you when you are old and grey
And the taste of gas upon your lips will never go away
And in my dreams I see them still, come marching down the hill
The boys that stood beside me in the Dublin fusiliers

Johnny McEvoy lyrics


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