Irish Songs Lyrics With Guitar Chords By Martin Dardis

The Dublin Rambler

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The Dublin Rambler Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. Recorded by The Dublin City Ramblers. To play along with the ramblers  version use a capo on the 4th fret. [ Key Of B Major ] chords are the work of Marc and requested by Garry Walsh. For those not familiar with Dublin, here's what they are on about ''Slats'' is Slattery's is a pub on Capel Street and is one of the few early houses left in Dublin, an early house is when the pub opens at 7am for real drinkers. Many's a session I had there back in the rare auld times. ''T.D.'s'' are Teachta Dála and are members of the Irish Parliament.  The Baily is a lighthouse on Howth Head on the North Side Of Dublin. St. Anne's Estate is a park near Clontarf and Raheny. A chipper is a take away food outlet, something like McDonald's. Dollymount is a beech near Clontarf where you bring the quare one [ girlfriend ] for a cuddle in your car and soon discover that the tide has come in and your car is surrounded by water. For the younger generation that were not around during the Dublin City Ramblers, well Patsy Watchorn who was the lead singer went on to play with The Dubliner's who are now called The Dublin Legents.

Intro: D-D-D-(A-D)
Oh, I (D)come from around by (Bm)Beggar's Bush
And they (Em)call me the Dublin (A)rambler.
Cause I'm (D)never round for (Bm)very long,
sure, I'm (Em)always (E)on the (A)go.
But there's (D)one thing that I (Bm)love all right,
Is a (Em)pint with lads on a (A)Sunday night.
I (G)once spent a while in (D)London,
But (A)soon came back to (D)Dublin.
Sang a(G)round the pubs in (D)Liverpool,
I (A)wanted (A7)to come (D)home -D

Did you (D)ever stroll down (G)Capel Street
(A)Late on a summer's (D)morning
Drop (D)into Slatt's for a (G)pint of stout,
Then (Em)on down (E)to the (A)Quay.

A (D)carry-out to Kil(G)mainham Jail
And (A)back by the new (D)Royal Hospital
While the (D)T.D.'s in their (G)evening suits
Are (Em)often (E)to be (A)seen

Chorus + Intro

Have you (D)ever been to (G)Dollymount
And (A)gazed out to the (D)Ocean
Where the (D)Bailey and the (G)Hill of Howth
Are a (Em)wondrous (E)sight to (A)see.

Take a (D)ramble through St. (G)Anne's Estate
And (A)out by fair Killester(D)Gate,
Watch the (D)young lads playing (G)football
And (Em)climbing (E)in the (A)tree

Tune Bridge:
D-D-D-(E-A)   D-D-D-(A-D)  
(D-Bm)-Bm-Bm-(E-A)   (D-Bm)-Bm-Bm-(A-D)

Well I (D)often go to (G)Stephen’s Green
For a (A)walk among the (D)gardens,
Or to (D)kill an hour or (G)two I'll stop
For a (Em)tune down (E)Merrion (A)Row.

And the (D)evening out (G)on the town
It's the (A)chipper for the (D)one on one
With the (D)T.D.'s in their (G)evening suits,
It's (Em)not the (E)place to (A)go
Chorus twice + Intro


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