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The Extradition Song

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The Extradition Song Lyrics By The Irish Brigade. This song is a call to the Irish Government not to extradite Irish republicans from The Republic Of Ireland to Britain and the North of Ireland for fear they won't get a fair hearing. Extradition was a big issue during the troubles, especially during the 80's and 90's with many high profile cases coming before the Irish courts.

Intro: A7-A-A7-A-D-D

You (D)people of Ireland u(Em)pon you I call,
We (A)stand in the north with our (D)backs to the wall.
By the (G)foe we're surrounded now (D)you must de(Bm)cide
For (E)Margaret (E7)Thatcher wants (A)you on her (A7)side.

You can (D)Judge British Justice by (Em)what's gone before
-The (A)Birmingham Six and the (D)Guilford Four,
(G)13 men in Derry, in the (D)H-Blocks ten (Bm)more
Will you (E)let Extra(E7)dition in(A7)crease (A)England's (D)score?


(G)Don't hand them over, don't (D)play Thatcher's (Bm)game
The (E)word extra(E7)dition should (A)fill you with (A7)shame
If you're (G)proud to be Irish then live (D)up to the (Bm)name
(E)Don't hand them (E7)over to be (A7)tor(A)tured and (D)slain.

Repeat Intro

Don't (D)cry pious tears for the (Em)plight of the north
While your(A) troops man the border to su(D)pport British force
You (G)can't have it both ways you (D)must make a (Bm)stand
You (E)can't honor (E7)Connoland (A)sell out his (A7)land

Re(D)member those butchers who (Em)struck at Loughall
Are the (A)very same men who put (D)Pearse against the wall
There are (G)few enough left to de(D)fend Ireland's (Bm)cause
Will (E)you extra(E7)dite them to (A7)face foul (A)foreign (D)laws.

Chorus + Intro

The (D)whole world now knows of Bri(Em)tannia's shame
How (A)brave Sean and Danny in Gi(D)braltar were slain
And (G)young McAnespion the (D)border shot (Bm)down
As he (E)innocently (E7)walked to his (A)own Gaelic (A7)ground

So (D)south of the border let your (Em)voices ring clear
Lest (A)your politicians should (D)turn a deaf ear
It's (G)you who have the power, in (D)your name they (Bm)stand
It's (E)you who will (E7)have Irish (A7)blood (A)on your (D)hands.

Chorus twice + Intro


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