Irish Songs Lyrics With Guitar Chords By Martin Dardis

The Famine Song

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The Famine Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords By Johnny McEvoy. Chords by Marc. A song written by Johnny about the great hunger in Ireland which lasted from 1847 - 1851 and one man who seen all his comrades die from hunger and decides to leave Ireland on a coffin ship. Coffin ships were the names given to the ships that took Irish people to America, Australia and Canada. Most never arrived at their new destination and died on board the ships because of inadequate stocks of food and water. The term ''Famine'' is often  inaccurately used to describe this period of Irish history. A famine is when there's insufficient food to feed the people of a nation, the fact that Ireland was exporting vast quantities of food during this period to England and beyond proves there was no famine. A fine song by Johnny McEvoy.

Intro: G-C-D-G-G
In the [G]year of [D]forty-[G]seven
I saw and end to [D]what had [G]been
Saw my [C]neighbours, [D]friend and [G]loved ones
Fade before me [D]like a [G]dream[D]

On this [D]ship I [C]cross the [G]ocean[D]
Sailing on the [C]raging [G]foam
To the land of [C]my to[G]morrows
Far from my [D]native [G]home

Now the [G]land is [D]cold and [G]blighted
Now the crop has [D]failed a[G]gain
There’s no [C]food u[D]pon the [G]table
Fear lives in the [D]hearts of [G]men[D]

C-D-G-G   C-D-G-G
There’s a [G]cloud u[D]pon the [G]mountain
And the rain is [D]falling [G]free
There’s a [C]shadow [D]in the [G]valley
Where my cabin [D]used to [G]be[D]

All my [G]comrades [D]they have [G]fallen
By the roadside [D]they have [G]died
In the [C]fields and [D]in the [G]hedgerows
Their hungry bones lie [D]side by [G]side[D]

Lyrics Without The Cords
In the year of forty-seven
I saw and end to what had been
Saw my neighbours, friend and ]loved ones
Fade before me like a dream

On this ship I cross the ocean
Sailing on the raging foam
To the land of my tomorrows
Far from my native home

Now the land is cold and blighted
Now the crop has failed again
There’s no food upon the table
Fear lives in the hearts of men

There’s a cloud upon the mountain
And the rain is falling free
There’s a shadow in the valley
Where my cabin used to be

All my comrades they have fallen
By the roadside they have died
In the fields and in the hedgerows
Their hungry bones lie side by side



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