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The Only Rose

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The Only Rose Song Lyrics And Chords By Runrig. Guitar work by Marc.

Intro:  G-D-Em-C   G-D-G-G (3x) 
G-D-Em-C   G-D-G-Em

Between the (Em)shifting shadows
In the (G)no-man's (D)zone
There's a (C)bar at the (Bm)end of the (Em)street
Some poor country music
One or (G)two sixties (D)songs
It’s the (C)place where the (Bm)night owls (Em)sleep

Oh, (G)loneli(D)ness
You're a (G)hard earned (D)crust
You're the (Em)night at the (Bm)end of the (Em)day
'Cause you pay your dues
On the (G)road you (D)choose
With the (C)price will you (Bm)have to (Em)pay

Bridge: G-D-Em-C   G-D-G-G   G-D-Em-C   G-D-G-Em

Down the (Em)neon aisles
And the (G)twilight (D)miles
Where the (C)world takes (Bm)comfort in (Em)shame
And all I can hear
Is a (G)voice in my (D)ear
And it’s (C)calling (Bm)out your (Em)name

Still the (G)silence (D)glows
The (G)four winds (D)blow
And a (Em)dark moon (Bm)rising a(Em)bove
To rest by your side
In the (G)heat of the (D)fire
In the (C)sleep of the (Bm)night of (Em)love

When (G)darkness (D)hangs
On the (C)dirty (Em)city
Winter (C)falls on a (Bm)foreign (Em)town
And it's (G)all I can (D)do
To (C)be with (Em)you
To(C)night as the (Bm)sun goes (Em)down

Ah, but (G)I would (D)cross
The (G)ocean (D)wide
I'd (C)walk the (Bm)mighty (Em)foam
Oh, if I could lie
In your (G)arms to(D)night
You're the (C)only (Bm)rose I (Em)know


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