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The Orchard Lyrics Chords

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The Orchard / Dungarvan My Home Town Lyrics Guitar Chords-Written by Kevin Evans Lyrics And Guitar Chords, Liam Clancy sang this song in a slightly different and shortened version (without verses 3 & 5), in a key of A# major, so use capo on 3rd fret if you want to play along.Chords below written in fat letters mean that the chords are only single strums, guitar work by Marc Fahrbach

Intro: G-C-G-Em-G-D-G-C-D-C-D7


When (G)I was (C)nine, in (G)harvest time (Em), I (G)crossed the (D)orchard (G)wall -C-D-C-D7

The (Em)moon was (Bm)bright and the (C)apples (G)ripe u(Em)pon the (G)ground did (C)fall-D

We (Em)filled our (Bm)sacks and we (C)made our way (G)back, more ad(Em)ventures (G)for to (C)find.-D

In an (G)orchard (C)green neath the (G)Comeraghs (Em) in (G)that sweet (D)Dungarvan (G)green. C-D-C-D7


I (G)crossed the (C)orchard (G)wall a(Em)gain when (G)I was (D)just thir(G)teen -C-D-C-D7

It (Em)was, I (Bm)think, to (C)be my first (G)drink of (Em)cider (G)and poi(C)tín -D

I re(Em)member (Bm)well, it (C)tasted like (G)hell; I (Em)hoped the (G)pain would end (C)soon, -D

In an (G)orchard (C)green neath the (G)Comeraghs (Em) in (G)that sweet (D)Dungarvan (G)green. C-D-C-D7


When (G)I was (C)nineteen (G)years of (Em)age I (G)crossed the (D)wall with (G)pride -C-D-C-D7

My (Em)Annie (Bm)fair with the (C)nut brown (G)hair was (Em)walking (G)by my (C)side -D

Our (Em)clothes came (Bm)off, we (C)tumbled and (G)kissed, all (Em)inno(G)cence was (C)gone -D

In an (G)orchard (C)green neath the (G)Comeraghs (Em) in (G)that sweet (D)Dungarvan (G)green. C-D-C-D7


When (G)I was (C)twenty-(G)one years (Em)old I (G)married my (D)Annie (G)there -C-D-C-D7

The (Em)apple (Bm)blossoms (C)on the (G)trees looked (Em)better (G)in her (C)hair -D

And (Em)when the (Bm)day was (C)over (G)there was a (Em)drunk for (G)every (C)tree -D

In an (G)orchard (C)green neath the (G)Comeraghs (Em) in (G)that sweet (D)Dungarvan (G)green. C-D-C-D7




Now I'm (G)forty-(C)five, I am (G)much a(Em)live and (G)children (D)I have (G)four, -C-D-C-D7

Three (Em)girls and (Bm)one fine (C)strapping (G)son and (Em)I have (G)hopes for (C)more.-D

I'll (Em)teach them (Bm)of what (C)lies a(G)head, I have (Em)plenty (G)to tell (C)still -D

In an (G)orchard (C)green neath the (G)Comeraghs (Em) in (G)that sweet (D)Dungarvan (G)green. C-D-C-D7


Now I'm (G)ninety-(C)one, my (G)days are near (Em)done, my (G)Annie is (D)long since (G)gone. -C-D-C-D7

Our (Em)days they were (Bm)good as (C)well they (G)should, but it's (Em)time that (G)I passed (C)on, -D

And (Em)when I (Bm)die, I (C)want to (G)lie be(Em)neath a (G)whispering (C)tree -D

In an (G)orchard (C)green neath the (G)Comeraghs (Em) in (G)that sweet (D)Dungarvan (G)green. C-D-C-D7


And (Em)when I’m (Bm)gone, may (C)I be (G)one with the (Em)air, the (G)land and the (C)foam -D

In an (G)orchard (C)green neath the (G)Comeraghs (Em) in (G)my sweet (D)Dungarvan (G)home. C-D-C-D7-G


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