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The Streets Of Derry

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The Streets Of Derry Lyrics And Guitar Chords. 4/4 (Paul Brady) Paul Brady version in A major with a capo on the 2nd fret. Chords by Marc. The piano player in the youtube video is Sam Lakeman, also included is Cara Dillon.

Intro: One instrumental verse (with bagpipes)
Oh, (D)after the (D7)mor(G)ning there (C)comes an (G)eve(D)ning(D7)
And (C)after the (G)eve(Em)ning an(D)other (G)day -C-G
And (D)after a false (D7)love there (C)comes a (D)true (G)love
I'd (C)have you (G)listen (Em)now to (D7)what I (D)say -D-D

My (D)love he (D7)is (G)as (C)fine a (G)young (D)man(D7)
As (C)fair as (G)an(Em)y the (D)sun shines (G)on -C-G
But (D)how to (D7)save him, I (C)do not (D)know (G)it
For (C)now he has (G)got a (Em)sentence (D7)to be (D)hung  -D-D

As (D)he was (D7)mar(G)ching the (C)streets of (G)Der(D)ry(D7)
I (C)own he (G)marched (Em)up right (D)manfu(G)lly -C-G
Being (D)much more (D7)like a com(C)manding (D)offi(G)cer
Than a (C)man to (G)die u(Em)pon the (D7)gallows (D)tree  -D-D

Bridge: One instrumental verse (with bagpipes)

"What (D)keeps my (D7)love (G)she’s so (C)long in (G)co(D)ming(D7)
Oh (C)what de(G)tains (Em)her so (D)long from (G)me -C-G
Or (D)does she think (D7)it a (C)shame or (D)scan(G)dal
To (C)see me (G)die u(Em)pon the (D7)gallows (D)tree"   -D-D

He (D)looked a(D7)round (G)and he (C)saw her (G)co(D)ming(D7)
As (C)she rode (G)swif(Em)ter (D)than the (G)wind -C-G
I’ll (D)let them see (D7)that they (C)dare not (D)hang (G)you
And (C)I'll crown my (G)love (Em)with a (D7)bunch of (D)green -D-D

Alternative ending (replaces lasat verse above)

He (D)looked a(D7)round (G)and he (C)saw her (G)co(D)ming(D7)
And (C)she was (G)dressed (Em)all in (D)woollen (G)fine -C-G
The (D)weary steed (D7)that my (C)love was (D)ri(G)ding
It (C)flew more (G)swifft(Em)ly (D7)than the (D)wind -D-D

Come (D)down, come (D7)do(G)wn from (C)that cruel (G)gal(D)lows(D7)
I've (C)got your (G)par(Em)don (D)from the (G)king -C-G
And (D)I'll let them see (D7)that they (C)dare not (D)hang (G)you
And (C)I'll crown my (G)love (Em)with a (D7)bunch of (D)green -D-D


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