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The Wallace

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The Wallace Lyrics And Guitar Chords By Runrig. Written by Jim McLean. 6/8. Jim used to be the road manager for The Dubliners and wrote many's a great song. The chords for The Wallace are by Marc.

Intro: G-D7-G-D

They (G)hung Wallace high from the (D7)gallows, –D-G
They  let him down ere he was (C)dead, -G-C
And (G)while he choked the queen (D7)jeered him, –D-G
For daring to (C)cross English (G)Ted. –D-G
His heart and his (C)liver they (D7)savaged,(D)
While her (G)majesty (C)watched the glad (D7)scene, -G-C
His (G)head was cut (C)off, he was (D7)quartered, -D-G
T’was an afternoon (D7)fit for a (G)queen.
(C)They (G)murdered the Wallace for (D7)treason, -D-G
His body has long since de(C)cayed, -G-C
But (G)no English crown can de(D7)stroy him, -D-G
For Wallace is (C)with us to(G)day, (D7)aye
(G)Wallace is (C)with us to(G)day. -D-G
He (G)took up the sword against (D7)England, –D-G
The cowardly Sassenach (C)ran, -G-C
He (G)beat them at Stirling and (D7)Falkirk, –D-G
And he banned them like (C)rats from our (G)land. –D-G
King Edward of (C)England was (D7)raging(D)
That (G)Scotland was (C)free once a(D7)gain, -G-C
The (G)Scottish Re(C)publican (D7)Army -D-G
Had wiped out his (D7)best fighting (G)men.
Oh, (G)William the Wallace fought (D7)bravely, –D-G
No Englishman could him de(C)feat, -G-C
But (G)English gold brought Scottish (D7)quislings, –D-G
And he was be(C)trayed by Men(G)teith. –D-G
With a crown made of (C)thorns he was (D7)tortured,(D)
For (G)setting his (C)own country (D7)free. -G-C
How (G)am I a (C)traitor cried (D7)Wallace -D-G
When England is (D7)foreign to (G)me.

From (G)Edinburgh, Stirling and (D7)Falkirk, –D-G
From Inverness to Elders(C)lie, -G-C
His (G)spirit is calling for (D7)justice, –D-G
And commands us to (C)set ourselves (G)free. –D-G
So when once a(C)gain we do (D7)battle(D)
For (G)Scotland a(C)gainst English (D7)scum, -G-C
With no (G)fear of be(C)trayal to the (D7)Saxon -D-G
Let them come! Let them (D7)come! Let them (G)come!

Chorus (Without final chords)
(D7)Aye(G)Wallace is (C)with us to(G)day.
(D7)Aye(G)Wallace is (C)with us to(G)day.


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