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They Wounded Old Ireland

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They Wounded Old Ireland Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. 4/4 Written by Andy M. Steward. Guitar work by Marc.

Come (C)gather (F)round you (C)freeborn (F)men and (C)draw your (G)chairs to (F)mine
And I'll (Am)tell you (F)of my coun(Dm)try that (Am)you might (G)under(Am)stand
And (C)of the (F)English ar(Dm)mies that (Am)marched in (G)for to (Am)stay
Oh that (C)night they (F)wounded old (Am)Ire(G)land and she's (C)bleeding (F)to this (C)day

Their (C)dogs of (F)war were (C)loosed to (F)run and (C)hunt the (G)rebels (F)down
They (Am)hoped to (F)rule this land by (Dm)fear and (Am)hold it (G)for the (Am)Crown
But a (C)mighty (F)thought was born in (Dm)men when they (Am)killed James (G)Conno(Am)lly
Oh that (C)night they (F)wounded old (Am)Ire(G)land and she's (C)bleeding (F)to this (C)day

The (C)Border (F)lies like an (C)open (F)wound that (C)only (G)love can (F)heal
For (Am)bittern(F)ess and cruel(Dm)ty they will (Am)never (G)close the (Am)weal
The (C)men of (F)vision built a (Dm)dream which the (Am)blind men (G)stole a(Am)way
Oh that (C)night they (F)wounded old (Am)Ire(G)land and she's (C)bleeding (F)to this (C)day

My (C)heart it (F)holds a (C)vision (F)clear that (C)thousands (G)more can (F)see
Of (Am)Ireland (F)free from ha(Dm)tred and (Am)death and (G)bigo(Am)try
Where (C)Irish(F)man to Irish(Dm)man can in (Am)friendship (G)clasp a (Am)hand
If we (C)banish (F)fright from the (Am)Ulster (G)night then (C)we'll free (F)old Ire(C)land

Repeat 1


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