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Thorn Upon The Rose

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THE THORN UPON THE ROSE 4/4 Lyrics Guitar Chords

The chords fit the Mary Black versions on YouTube, although no quaranty on absolute correctness (use capo on 2nd or 3rd fret, depending on video version, this version worked out on guitar by Marc Fahrbach, The song was requested by Ian Pybus. Written by Julie Matthews.
Youtube video Mary Black Thorn Upon The Rose

Its (Em)taste was (G)sweet like (Am)summer (G)wine

The (Am)heart that beats in (G)double time

So he waltzed right in, he (Am)bowled you (G)over

And you’re still reeling from the (Am)feeling when he’s (D)gone

The (D7)door is (Am)clo(G)sed the (Am)lock is (G)turned

And (C)all the memo(G)ries and (C)letters have been (D7)burned(D)



So (G)when (Am)you (G)pick the (C)hand(Am)some (D)flower

(G)Don’t forget the (Am)thron upon the (D7)rose(D)

It’s (G)cut is deep and its (Am)scar lasts for(D7)ever(D)

It (Am)follows (G)love where(Am)ever love (G)goes


Just (Em)how we (G)fall it’s (Am)hard to (G)know

When (Am)what we feel we (G)seldom show

So we show the parts we (Am)feel are (G)best

We squirm around the edges trying to (Am)cover up the (D)rest

And you (D7)think you (Am)know (G)him and he (Am)thinks the (G)same

When (C)underneath it (G)all it’s just a (C)crazy guessing (D7)game(D)




(Em)Win or (G)lose it’s (Am)just the (G)same

(Am)Tears of joy (G)tears of pain

They’re hand in hand they (Am)come as (G)one

You’ll never see the moon without the (Am)promise of the (D)sun

For (D7)all the (Am)brui(G)ses for (Am)all the (G)blows

I’d (C)rather feel the (G)thorn than to (C)never see the (D7)rose(D)



It (Am)follows (G)love where(Am)ever love (G)goes



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