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The Three Butchers Lyrics

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The Three Butchers Lyrics, this song dates way back to the 17th century and was written by Paul Burges from England. It was recorded by Sweeney's Men.
sung by Johnnie Moynihan who named it ''Johnston'', it was also covered by Pete Seeger. Sent to me by Patrick Burke. I hope to have chords for this one soon. The lyrics printed here are slightly different than the Pete Seeger version and are taked from the Johnny Moynihan version.

(Banjo Mandoline Tin Whistle music starts.)
Johnstone he was riding along
As fast as he could ride
Til he thought he heard a woman,
 He heard a woman cry.
And johnstone gets off his horse
And searches the woods all round
Till he came upon a woman,
With her hair bent to the ground.
And Johnstone being a man of his own
And being a man and bold.
He has taken off his soldiers cloak
To cover her from the cold
 Oh woman my dearest woman
 Who then brought ye here for this far
Who that brought you here this may morning
With yer hair bent to the ground.
Oh it was three bold and struggling men
With swords gleaming on
Who that brought me here this may morning
With me hair pinned to the ground
And Johnstone gets on his horse
And the woman gets on behind
They rode down that lonesome highway
Their fortune for to find.
(Tin Whistle Mandoline Music Break)
And then they were wide
In no way long
As  faster they could ride
She has blown her fingers to her lips
And gave three shivering cries
And out sprang three bold and strugling men
With swords gleaming on
Who let them on the Johnstone
And commanded him to stand.
Oh I will stand said Johnstone
I’ll stand then for thee
For I  never was in all of my life
Afraid of any three
And Johnstone he killed two of them
Not minding the woman behind
While he was after the other one
She stabbed him from behind.
And the day was free and a market day
And the people all passing by
Could have seen then this awfull murder
Could have seen poor Johnstone die
(Tin whistle gitar and Mandoline Music)
(Which fades out at the end.)
(Trad. Arr. Woods/Irvine/Moynihan. Transatlantic Records)


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