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Ballad Tim Evans/Go Down You Murderer chords

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[Em]Tim Evans was a prisoner,
Locked [D]in his prison cell,
And [Em]those who read about his crimes,
They [G]damned his soul to [D]hell,
Sayin' [Em]go down you [D]murderer, go [Em]down.

[Em]For the murderer of his own dear wife,
And the [D]killing of his own child,
The [Em]jury found him guilty,
And the [G]hanging judge he [D]smiled,
Sayin' [Em]go down you [D]murderer, go [Em]down.

[Em]Tim Evans pleaded innocent,
And [D]swore by Him and high,
That he [Em]never killed his own dear wife,
Nor [D]caused his [G]child to [G]die.
Sayin' [Em]go down you [D]murderer, go [Em]down.

So [Em]they moved him out of C block,
To his [D]final flowery dell,
And [Em]day and night to screws were there,
They [D]never [G]left his [G]cell.
Sayin' [Em]go down you [D]murderers go [Em]down.

Sometimes they played Draughts with him,
Solo and Pontoon,
To stop him brooding on the ropes,
That was to be his doom.
Sayin' go down you murderers, go down.

They brought his grub in on a tray,
There was eggs and meet and ham,
And all the snout that he could smoke
Was there at his command.
Sayin' go down you murderers, go down.

Evans walked in the prison yard,
The screws they walked behind.
He saw the sky above the wall,
But he knew no peace of mind.
Sayin' go down you murderers go down

They came for him at eight O' clock
The chaplain read a prayer,
And then they walked him to the place,
The hangman did prepare,
Sayin' go down you murderer, go down.

The rope was fixed around his neck,
A washer behind his ear.
The prison bell was tolling,
But Tim Evans did not hear.
Sayin' go down you murderers, go down.

A thousand lags were cursing,
And banging on the doors,
Tim Evans could not hear them,
He was deaf for ever more
Sayin' go down you murderers, go down.

They sent Tim Evans to the drop,
For a crime he did not do,
It was Christy was the murderer,
The judge and jury too,
Sayin' go down you murderers, go down

The Ballad Of Tim Evans / Go Down You Murderer Go Down Chords


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