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Time For Asking Why

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Time For Asking Why Lyrics And Chords Tommy Sands 3/4
This is a song for America, not against America. It is directed, however, towards a very small group of individuals who come to power from time to time, wrap themselves in stars and stripes and then proceed to undermine and sully the proud and hard-earned  freedoms and rights of their own nation. It’s time for asking why.
Tommy Sands, from his CD ‘Let The Circle Be Round’
Intro: F-C-Dm-C-G-G-Gsus4-G-G
I re[C]member September, turning [F]on the TV
The [G]horror and sorrow I could not believe
[C]Murder and burning and [F]insanity
Once [Dm]more we sat watching and [G7]grieving[G]

And [C]leaders were asking just [F]how could it be
From [G]where and just who did this terrible deed
But [C]no one asked why is such [F]hatred conceived
Or [Dm]where are the lessons for [G7]learning –G7-Gsus4-G-G

It’s [F]time[Am] for [Dm]asking [G7]why –G7-Gsus4-G-G
It’s [F]time[Am] for [Dm]asking [G7]why –G7-Gsus4-G-G

And I [C]think about all those brave [F]firemen who died
Who [G]gave their last breath just to save human life
[C]How could such death somehow [F]rationalise
More [Dm]murder and burning and [G7]killing[G]

And [C]who are the terrorists [F]you’re searching for
Your [G]leaflet came down from an aircraft of war
And it [C]lay on a child left [F]blinded and scarred
In a [Dm]country long broken and [G7]bleeding –G7-Gsus4-G-G

And [C]where is your freedom, please [F]say it’s not true
Do [G]answers come down from a B-52
Just [C]do as I say but don’t [F]do what I do
Is [Dm]this the new order you’re [G7]leading[G]

And [C]how many countries have [F]you overthrown
Do you [G]mock the democracy you can’t control
[C]Where is your conscience and [F]where is your soul
When you [Dm]pray to God bless A[G7]merica –G7-Gsus4-G-G

A [C]people excluded will [F]say it’s not fair
There’s [G]enough to go round so why don’t you share
You’re [C]preaching equality [F]yet you go there
And [Dm]grab all the food from the [G7]table[G]

Is it [C]hunger for power that’s [F]blinding your sights
Dou you [G]block out the stars, do you tear up the stripes
Each [C]time you deny your proud [F]freedom and rights
[Dm]Who is betraying A[G7]merica? –G7-Gsus4-G-G
[C] Why?


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