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Tooralay Lyrics

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Tooralay Song Lyrics The Wolfe Tones. Written by Brian Warfield. Another song about emigrating from Ireland to far off distand lands. An all too familar story and one which has plagued Ireland for generations, from the time of ''The Great Hunger'' to this present day. Nobody seems to be able o put a stop to Ireland eporting it's greatest asset, ''it's people''. Every  year we have a general election and every polictal party promises to stem the tide of emigration and creat jobs for it's citizens and when they get into office they forget all their promices.. From the foundation of the state in in 1922 and every decade since our people have left in droves to find work abroad, it happened in the 20's, 30's 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's and a lesser extent in the 2000's and here we are again in 2011 still exporting our people, and what are the government doing about it ? absolutely nothing.

[G]Oh the harvest it is home and it's [C]now that I must [D]roam.
To [C]try and [G]seek my [C]fortune [G]in a [C]far and [G]distant [D]land.
The [Am]ship is on the quay, they're [C]waiting [G]there for [D]me.
Fare[C]well my love un[G]til we [D]meet a[G]gain.

I will [Am]love you in the morning, just [G]as the day was [G]dawning.
I [C]love you when the [G]skies are blue or [D]grey
In the [Am]spring when trees are budding, when [G]Autumm leaves are [D]falling
Or [C]when the evening [G]comes a[Em]round I [C]love you [D]toor[G]lay.
[C]Toor a loo, [G]toor a [Em]lay [C]toor a [D]loor a [G]lay
[C]Toor a loo, [G]toor a [Em]lay [C]toor a [D]loor a [G]lay

I'll be true to you my love,
Sure as the star shines up above that guides the ship.
That takes me to a far and distant land.
The ship is on the quay and waiting there for me.
Farewell my love until we meet again.

Farewell my love goodbye now do not weep and cry.
I'll send you back the fare for this far and distant land.
The ship is on the quay, they're waiting there for me.
Farewell my love until we meet again.


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