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Tra Bo Dau

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Tra Bo Dau / While Two Hearts. Lyrics And Guitar Chords. (Welsh Folk Song)
This Welsh love song  was originally written from a male perspective. There is also an English version of this song with a comparable story in different words and from a female point of view.
Original Welsh version, lyrics and chords fit Nerys Jones’ version. All of the guitar work on these Welsh folk songs are by Marc Fahrbach.

Mae’r (D)hon a (G)gār fy (C)’nghalon (G)i,
Ym(C)hell oddi (G)y-(Em)ma’n (Am)byw
A (D)hireath (G)am ei (C)gweled (G)hi
A’m (C)gwnaeth yn (G)llwyd (D)fy (G)lliw.

(G)Cyfoeth nid yw ond oferedd
(Em)Glendid nid yw yn par(Am)hau;
(D)Ond cariad (G)pur sydd (C)fel y (G)dur,
Yn (C)para (G)tra, (D)tra bo (G)dau

O’r (D)dewis (G)hardd dde(C)wisais (G)i
Oedd (C)dewis (G)lo(Em)des (Am)lān;
A (D)chyn bydd (G)’difar (C)gennyf (G)fi
O (C)rhewi (G)wnaiff (D)y (G)tān.

Mae (D)f’annwyl (G)rian (C)dros y (G)lli,-
Go(C)beithio’i (G)bod (Em)hi’n (Am)iach-
Rwy’n (D)caru’r (G)tir lle (C)cerdda (G)hi
Dan (C)wraidd fy (G)ngha(D)lon (G)fach.
English translation of the original Welsh lyrics

The one who loves my heart
Lives far from here,
And longing to see her
Made my colour gray.

Wealth is but a vanity
Purety does not last
But the pure love, like steel lasts,
While there are two

From the beautiful choice that I choose
My choice was a pure lass
And before I’ll regret it
The fire will freeze.

My love is over the sea
I hope that she is well
I love the land where she walks
From the core of my little heart.


English Version
The Lyrics and chords fit Charlotte Church’s version with a capo on the 3rd fret

The (D)one I (G)love is (C)far a(G)way
A(C)cross the (G)sea, (Em)over (Am)sea.
And (D)I am (G)longing (C)for the (G)day
When (C)he comes (G)back (D)to (G)me.

His (D)smile is (G)lovelier (C)than the (G)dawn.
With (C)all its (G)beaut(Em)y (Am)right.
What (D)patient (G)love may (C)solve a(G)lone
His (C)joy be(G)yond (D)com(G)pare.

(G)Rich years are fading and constant
(Em)Beauty will wither and (Am)wane.
(D)With love so (G)pure, will (C)I en(G)dure
While (C)our two (G)hearts (D)re(G)main.

E(D)nough for (G)love of (C)him I (G)pine.
How (C)sad it (G)was (Em)to (Am)part.
Where (D)e're he (G)walks its (C)ground di(G)vine.
To (C)my poor (G)a(D)ching (G)heart.

For (D)every (G)day my (C)choice I (G)bless.
My (C)love I'll (G)ne(Em)ver (Am)rue.
His (D)gentle (G)voice, his (C)sweet ca(G)ress.
Is (C)constant (G)fair (D)and (G)true.
Repeat Chorus


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