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Tri Martolod

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TRI MARTOLOD Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords 4/4 (Alan Stivell) Original version by Alan Stivell with a capo on the 3rd fret.

Intro: Am-C-Dm-F-G  (2x)
|: Tri marto(Am)lod yaou(G)ank... tra la (Am)la la (Em)la
Tri marto(Am)lod yaou(G)ank i vonet (Am)da (Em)vea(Am)ji :I

|: E (Am)vonet da vea(C)ji, g!
E (Dm)vonet da (F)vea(G)ji :I

|: Gant 'n avel (Am)bet ka(G)set... tra la (Am)la la (Em)la
Gant 'n avel (Am)bet ka(G)set beteg an (Am)Douar (Em)Ne(Am)vez :I

|: Be(Am)teg an Douar Ne(C)vez, g!
Be(Dm)teg an Douar (F)Ne(G)vez :I

|: E-kichen (Am)mein ar (G)veilh... tra la (Am)la la (Em)la
E-kichen (Am)mein ar (G)veilh o deus mouil(Am)het o (Em)eori(Am)o :I
|: O (Am)deus mouilhet o (C)eorio, g !
O (Dm)deus mouilhet o (F)eori(G)o :I

|: Hag e-barzh (Am)ar veilh-(G)se... tra la (Am)la la (Em)la
Hag e-barzh (Am)ar veilh-(G)se e oa (Am)ur serv(Em)ijou(Am)rez :I

Am-C-Dm-F-G (2x)
Interlude musical

|: Pe(Am)lec'h on-oa kon(C)esas, g !
Pe(Dm)lec'h on-oa ko(F)ne(G)sas :I

|: En Naoned (Am)er marc'(G)had... tra la (Am)la la (Em)la
En Naoned (Am)er marc'(G)had on-oa (Am)choajet (Em)ur wa(Am)lenn :I
English Translation
Three young sailors, tra la la…
Three young sailors went traveling
Went traveling!
Went traveling!
And the wind pushed them… la la la
The wind pushed them to Newfoundland
ll the way to Newfoundland!
All the way to Newfoundland
Next to the windmill stone… la la la
Next to the windmill stone, they threw down the anchor
They threw down the anchor!
They threw down the anchor!
And in that windmill… la la la
And in that windmill was a servant girl
Where have we met before?
Where have we met before?
We met in Nantes* at the market… la la la
In Nantes at the market, we chose a ring.


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