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The Turfman From Ardee Lyrics Chords

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The Turfman From Ardee Guitar Chords And Lyrics. Written by Patrick Akins, the youtube video is Margaret Barry from 1965 on her 5 string banjo. Guitar chords by Marc Farbach, song requested by ''Dixie'' , Ardee is in Co. Louth Ireland

For the (G)sake of health I (Em)took a walk one (Am)morning in the (G)dawn,

I met a jolly (Em)turf man as I (C)slowly walked a(G)long,

The greatest conver(Em)sation passed bet(C)ween himself and (G)me

And soon I got a(Em)cquainted with the (Am)turfman from Ar(G)dee.


We (G)chatted very (Em)freely as we (Am)jogged along the (G)road,

He said my ass is (Em)tired and I'd (C)like to sell his (G)load,

For I got no re(Em)freshments since I (C)left home you (G)see,

And I'm wearied out with (Em)travelling said the (Am)turfman from Ar(G)dee.


Your (G)cart is wracked and (Em)worn friend, your (Am)ass is very (G)old,

It must be twenty (Em)summers since that (C)animal was (G)foaled

Yoked to a cart where (Em)I was born, Sep(C)tember 'forty (G)three

And carried for the (Em)midwife says the (Am)turfman from Ar(G)dee


I (G)often do a(Em)buse my ass with (Am)this old hazel (G)rod,

But never yet did (Em)I permit poor (C)Jack to go un(G)shod

The harness now u(Em)pon his back was (C)made by John Mc(G)Gee

And he's dead this four and (Em)forty years says the (Am)turfman from Ar(G)dee.


I (G)own my cart now, (Em)has been made out (Am)of the best of (G)wood,

I do believe it (Em)was in use in the (C)time of Noah's (G)flood

Its axle never (Em)wanted grease say (C)one year out of (G)three.

It's a real old Carrick (Em)axle said the (Am)turfman from Ar(G)dee.


We (G)talked about our (Em)country and (Am)how we were op(G)pressed

The men we sent to (Em)parliament have (C)got our wrongs ad(G)dressed

I have no faith in (Em)members now or (C)nothing else you (G)see

But led by bloomin' (Em)humbugs, said the (Am)turfman from Ar(G)dee.


Just (G)then a female (Em)voice called out, which (Am)I knew very (G)well,

Politely asking (Em)this old man the (C)load of turf to (G)sell

I shook that stately (Em)hand of his and (C)bowed respectful(G)ly

In hope to meet some (Em)future day, the (Am)turfman from Ar(G)dee.

The Turfman From Ardee Irish Folk Song


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