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Twa Recruitin' Sergeants

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TWA RECRUITIN’ SERGEANTS Lyrics And Guitar Chords 4/4 (Traditional Scottish Song) For the McCalman’s version from their album ‘Songs From Scotland’ use capo on 3rd fret, guitar work by Marc Fahrbach.


Intro: D-Bm-G-D


There was (D)twa recruiting (Bm)sergeants came (Em)frae the Black Watch
Tae (G)markets and (D)fairs, some re(Em)cruits for tae (A)catch.
But (G)a' that they (D)'listed was (Em)forty and (Bm)twa:
En(D)list my bonnie (Bm)laddie an' (G)come a(D)wa.


And it's (D)over the (Bm)mountains and (Em)over the Main,
(G)Through Gi(D)bralter, to (Em)France and (A)Spain.
Pit a (G)feather tae your (D)bonnet, and a (Em)kilt aboon your (Bm)knee,
En(D)list my bonnie (Bm)laddie and (G)come awa with (D)me.


Its (D)out o’ the (Bm)barn and (Em)into the byre,
Well (G)this ole (D)farmer, he (Em)thinks ye never (A)tire.
It's a (G)slavery (D)job, of (Em)low de(Bm)gree.
Sae (D)list my bonnie (Bm)laddie and (G)come awa with (D)me




Oh (D)laddie ye (Bm)dinna ken the (Em)danger that yer in.
If yer (G)horses was to (D)fleg, and yer (Em)owsen was to (A)rin,
This (G)greedy ole (D)farmer, he (Em)wouldna pay yer (Bm)fee.
Sae (D)list my bonnie (Bm)laddie and (G)come awa wi' (D)me


Chorus + Intro


Optional verse (not used by the McCalmans)

With (D)your tattie (Bm)porin's and yer (Em)meal and kale,
Yer (G)soor sowan' (D)soorin's and yer (Em)ill-brewed (A)ale,
Yer (G)buttermilk, yer (D)whey, and yer (Em)breid fired (Bm)raw.
Sae (D)list my bonnie (Bm)laddie and (G)come a(D)wa.




O (D)laddie (Bm)if ye had a (Em)sweetheart an' a bairn,
Ye'll (G)easily get (D)rid o' that (Em)ill-spun (A)yarn.
Twa (G)rattles o' the (D)drum, aye and (Em)that'll pay it (Bm)a'.
Sae (D)list my bonnie (Bm)laddie and (G)come a(D)wa.


Chorus twice


Meaning of unusual words:
fleg=take fright
Tattie pourin's=water in which pototoes have been boiled.
kale=a kind of crinkly cabbage
Soor sooin' sourin's sowans = a dish made by steeping and fermenting the husks or siftings

of oats in water, then boiling.
whey=liquid left when milk forms into lumps.


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