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Two Will Do Lyrics

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Two Will Do Lyrics By Seamus Moore. A song about bringing the car to the pub and saying to yourself, ''Sure I'll Only Have The Two'' , Seamus runs into an old friend and goes on ''The Batter'' [beer] only to be caught by the Garda.

It [D]was Christmas time in the city, in the [G]year of '8[D]3
It was just another Christmas Eve or[A] so it seemed to me.
[D]But that day has made history [G]which is very [D]sad,
For it [G]was the day that [D]Micky Rice blew [A]in the plastic[D] bag.

It was down the town on a building site that we worked hard all day,
We were digging the foundation and drinking mugs of tea
In the evening I came home, full of mud and clay
Said the wife now go and get a drink, for it's been a long hard day

So off to the local I did go as happy as could be,
And I met up with my old friend Johnny Mahony,
Says Johnny have ye got the car, I said yes like a fool,
So we drove on tet miles futher to a pub called the horse and groom.

Now we stayed there 'till closing time 'till we were all alone,
And we got into the motor car and headed off for home,
Driving don along the road The Garda I could spy,
He was in a white Granada and he waved as we passed by.

I let down the side window and the Gard put in his nose,
He said you have drink taking, too much I suppose
He handed me a plastic bag the smallest I ever seen,
And he said me boy blow into that until you turn it Green.

Well as sure as hell I turned it Green, he said now step out please,
You must leave you're friend behind and please give me the keys
Said Johnny don't you worry Mick everything will be alright,
And he took me down to the station when the stars were shinning bright.

Well the doctor he was waiting and he read for me the rules.
He said you can give me blood or urine if you choose
He handed me a bottle and I filled it to the top.
And he put me name upon the top in case that it gets lost.

It was down in the town in the County Court me licience I did loose,
I got 12 months suspention for drinking too much booze
And now I have me licience back I'd like to say to you
When ever you go drinking just remember two will do,
Now remember when you go drinking remember two will do.


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