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Up Went Nelson Lyrics And Chords

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Up Went Nelson Lyrics And Chords. Written by The Go Lucky Four and a No.1 song in Ireland in 1966 as that was the year the pillar of Nelson was blown up by the Irish Republican Army. The tune of the song is the same as 'The Belfast Brigade and also used for 'Glory, glory hallelujah' ,This is the third song  on the site about Nelson's Pillar. Nelson's Farewell lyrics + chords by [Galway] Joe Dolan and a big hit for The Dubliners and Lord Nelson Chords And Lyrics by Tommy Makem. after the bombing which was carried out by the I.R.A.the Irish army came along afterwords to remove what was left of the pillar and also decided to use explosives. Well, the Irish army caused more damage than what was originally done by ''so called amateurs'' Another piece of trivia is that the head of Nelson was recovered by a group of students from Trinity Collage, they gave the head to The Dubliners who brought it on tour with them and placed it on the stage when playing.The guitar chords for Up Went Nelson are by Marc Fahrbach.

(For Irish Chart version use capo on 3rd fret)



(G)Up went Nelson in old Dublin

(C)Up went Nelson in old (G)Dublin

All along O'Connell Street the (Em)stones and rubble flew

As (Am)up went (D)Nelson and the (G)pillar too


(G)One early mornin' in the year of '66

A (C)band of Irish laddies were (G)knockin' up some tricks

They though Horatio Nelson had (Em)overstayed a mite

So they (Am)helped him on his (D)way with some (G)sticks of gelignite




The (G)Irish population came from miles around

To (C)see the English hero (G)lying on the ground

The Dublin corporation had no (Em)funds to have it done

But the (Am)pillar blew to (D)pieces by the (G)ton, ton, ton




A (G)crowd of lads and lassies from a dance nearby came out

To (C)see the bits of Nelson (G)lyin' all about

A gussune from the Coombe says we'll (Em)have to have a care

In (Am)case the corpo(D)ration put King (G)Billy there



As (Am)up went (D)Nelson and the (G)pillar too


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