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Victory Parade

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VICTORY PARADE Song Lyrics Guitar Chords 4/4 (© Ian McCalman) The McCalmans used no guitars but only a Bodhrán for this song. However, these chords will also fit the song if you use a capo on the 2nd fret to play along

[G]Down the road and [C]o'er the bridge
I [G]ran as fast as my legs could [D]take me
[G]All the lads were [C]running there
To [G]join the [D]British [G]army
Just out front was young MacDonald
Brave as a fool and [Am]twice as carefree
[C]Racing neck and [G]neck together
Laughing [D]all the [G]way


[G]Sign here boys you're [C]lucky son
You [G]might get there before we've [D]won
[G]All you heroes [C]get in line
To [G]join the [D]British [G]army
Passendale and the Somme
They'll not wait, so [Am]don't be long
And [C]you'll be home by [G]Christmas
Back be[D]fore you've [G]gone


Chorus 1

[G]Black Watch, [D]Highland, [G]Royal Scots [D]Greys
The [C]whole town [G]cheered as we [Am]marched a[C]way
Bring us back a [G]medal, [C]bring us back a [G]medal

Bring us back a [Em]medal for the [G]Victo[D]ry Pa[G]rade


A[G]cross the border [C]heading south
[G]Rifle, kitbag in good [D]order
[G]Proud to be a [C]soldier marching
[G]In the [D]British [G]army
O'er the channel passing men
With sightless eyes and [Am]broken bodies
[C]Never more to [G]call her name
Never [D]going [G]home


Repeat Chorus 1


[G]Five long years of [C]bloody war
[G]Comrades dead, dead or [D]wounded
[G]Passendale [C]and the Somme
And [G]I am [D]going [G]home


[G]Down the road and [C]o'er the bridge
I [G]walked as fast as my legs could [D]take me
[G]Just behind my [C]friends who died
[G]Died for the [D]British [G]army

Just out front was young MacDonald
Brave as a dead man [Am]ever could be
[C]Men at arms to[G]gether on
The victo[D]ry pa[G]rade

Chorus 2

[G]Black Watch, [D]Highland, [G]Royal Scots [D]Greys
The [C]whole town [G]seemed so [Am]quiet that [C]day
I've brought you back a [G]medal, [C]brought you back a [G]medal

Brought you back a [Em]medal for the [G]Victo[D]ry Pa[G]rade


Repeat chorus 2

The McCalmans


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