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Walkers House

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Walkers House song lyrics and guitar chords, written and played by Ron Rackley. This song comes from small town in Ontario Canada called Kincardine,a small town population 12000 on the shores of Lake Huron,one of the Great Lakes.Paddy Walker an Irishman from Sligo
came up the frozen lake on a horse drawn sled with his wife and seven sons in 1830  and came upon what was to be Kincardine,he put up the first  building there,a Tavern! and lodging for other
settlers arriving.Jumping ahead quite a few years,by the ninety's it was a private residence and in 1995 it caught fire and was nearly totally destroyed,the town council wanted to demolish what was left
but the people of the town got together to raise money and use volunteer labour to bring it back to life.Lots of tradesmen and professionals came forward to save a piece of history that would have been lost forever.So that's what I wrote about in my song,


[G7]On the [C] shores of old Lake [EM] Huron where the [C] Penatangore [AM] flows
there’s a [C] house above the [EM] harbour that [AM]everybody [G7] knows.[C] Walker
House is how they [EM] named it ,[C] many years [AM] ago it was a [C] house of rest and [EM]welcome for [AM] travelers as they [G7] go.
[G7] Paddy [C] Walker you’re [EM] with us still [G7] today, through the
[C] years your [EM] name is here to [G7 stay [F]Wal [G7] ker [C] House.
[G7]Through the [C] years the house was [EM] ravaged by the [C] wind fire and [AM]rain but the [C] people of [EM] Kincardine will see her [AM] rise [G7] again.
Like the [C] pioneers [EM] before with their [C] tools and skills they [AM] came.
Like the [C] Phoenix from the [EM] ashes she [AM] rose tolive [G7] again.
[G7 Paddy [C] Walker you’re [EM] with us still [G7] today, through the
[C] years your [EM] name is here to[G7] stay [F] Wal [G7] ker [C] House.
[G7] Now the [C] people of [EM] Kincardine can stand [C] tall and smile with
[AM] pride,for the [C] fruits of their [EM] labours [AM] cannot be [G7] denied.
[C] Walker House is strong and [Em]sturdy as it was in [C] years gone [AM] by and
the [C] ghost of Paddy ]EM[ Walker is [Am]heard in seagulls [G7] cry.
[G7] Paddy [C] Walker you’re with [Em] us still [G7] today through the
[C] years your [Em] name is here to [G7] Stay.
[F]Wal [G7]ker [C] House [F]Wal [G7] ker [C] House,

Walkers House Chords And Lyrics


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