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Whacker Humphries Lyrics Chords Christy Moore

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Whacker Humphries Christy Moore song lyrics and guitar chords, written by Christy and the chords were kindly provided by Marc Fahrbach. --Dolphens Barn, Ballymun and St.Teresa's Gardens are working class areas of Dublin which had a hugh Heroin problem during the 1980s. River=River Liffey which flows through Dublin. --Green Street is where the courts are located in Dublin

One (D)day as I was walking past the (A)bridge in Dolphins (D)Barn

Down by the old canal I saw some (A)children in a (D)car

(G)In the back they were shooting up smack, and I (D)had a bird's eye view

When I dialled for help, told me there's (A)nothing we can (D)do


On (D)both sides of the river, (A)clearly to be (D)seen

Down along O'Connell Street and (A)up to Stephen's (D)Green

(G)Heroin sold openly, there (D)was no need to hide

The drug squad were outnumbered, seems (A)like their hands were (D)tied


(D)John Whacker Humphries, (A)he's a family (D)man

Him and his wife, they give their children (A)everything they (D)can

(G)Faced with the scourge of heroin they'd (D)not accept defeat

They joined the other Concerned Parents to put the (A)dealers off the (D)street


They (D)marched in dealers' houses and (A)ordered them to (D)quit

Time and time again they warned, We've (A)had enough of (D)it

Dirty (G)needles in our doorways, junkies (D)hanging all about

Keep on dealing heroin and you're (A)going to be moved (D)out


From (D)St. Teresa's Gardens to the (A)flats in Bally(D)mun

Concerned Parents' action had the (A)dealers on the (D)run

They (G)swore they'd stick together till the (D)heroin was stopped

Can anybody tell me why they (A)got their knuckles (D)rapped


They were (D)rounded up and charged with (A)crimes against the (D)State

Brought down to the Green Street Court to (A)decide their (D)fate

There (G)wasn't any jury, and there (D)was no bail

The concerned parents were (A)taken off to (D)jail


I was (D)sitting in the gallery with (A)families, friends and (D)wives

I strained to hear who told the truth and(A)who was telling (D)lies

(G)Dealers, junkies and police on the (D)prosecution side

I swear to God that's what I saw be(A)fore my very (D)eyes


Whacker (D)Humphries took the dealers on and he (A)fought them tooth and (D)nail

And a dozen well-armed soldiers drove him (A)to the Portlaoise (D)Jail

He (G)tried to protect his children, found (D)guilty of a crime

One man gets a pension and a(A)nother man gets (D)time


This (D)morning I was walking past the (A)bridge in Dolphins (D)Barn

And I heard a small bird whisper, Mind you (A)don't come to any (D)harm


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