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When New York Was Irish Lyrics And Chords

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When New York Was Irish Lyrics And Guitar Chords, written by Terence Winch. The version here is by Blackthorn and the chords by Marc fit the Blackthorn youtube video

Intro: G-G-G-D   G-Em-C-D7-G


I will (G)sing you a song of days long a(D)go
When (G)people from (Em)Galway and (C)County Ma(D)yo – D7
From (G)all over Ireland came over to (D)stay
And (G)take up a (Em)new life in (C)Amer(D7)i(G)cay

They were (G)ever so happy, they were (C)ever so (D)sad
To grow (G)old in the (Em)new world through (C)good times and (Am)bad(D7)
All the (G)parties and the (Em)weddings, the (C)ceilis and (D)wakes
When (G)New York was (Em)Irish, full of (C)joys and (D7)heart(G)aches

They (G)worked on the subways, they ran the sa(D)loons
They (G)built all the (Em)bridges and they (C)played all the (D)tunes – D7
They (G)put out the fires and controlled City (D)Hall
They (G)started with (Em)nothing and wound (C)up with (D7)it (G)all



You could (G)travel from Kingsbridge to Queens or mid (D)town
From (G)Highbridge to (Em)Bay Ridge, from (C)up town to (D)down – D7
From the (G)East Side to the seaside's, the sweet summer (D)scenes
They (G)made New York (Em)City their (C)island (D7)of (G)dreams



Now I (G)look at the photos all brittle with (D)time
Of the (G)people I (Em)cherished when that (C)city was (D)mine – D7
(G)O, how I loved all those radiant (D)smiles
How I (G)long for the (Em)days when we (C)danced in (D7)the (G)aisles




Outro: G-G-G-D   G-Em-C-Am-D7   G-Em-C-D   G-Em-C-D7-G-G   G-Em-C-D7-G

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