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The Wind In The Willows lyrics + chords

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The Wind In The Willows Lyrics And Chords. Written by John Bell. Lovely song that I learned in school,,,,,,Memories. The sheet music notes are included with the tin whistle tab.

[C] As I went a-[Dm]walking one [G7]morning in [Em]spring
I [Am]met with some [Dm]trav'lers in an [G7]old country [C]lane
One was an [Dm]old man the [G7]second a [Em]maid, ,
And the [Am]third was a [Dm]young boy who [G7]smiled as he [C]said:

With the [F]wind in the [C]willows and the [F]birds in the [C]sky,
We've a [F]bright sun to [C]warm us where-[Dm]ever we [G7]lie,
We [C]have bread and [Dm]fishes and a [G7]jug of red [Em]wine
To [Am]share on our [Dm]journey with [G7}all of man-[C]kind.
I sat down beside them,
The flowers all around,
And we ate on a mantle spread out on the ground
They told me of prophets and princes and kings
And they spoke of the one god who knows everything
We've the ...

I asked them to tell me their name and their race
So I might remember their kindness and grace.
My name is Joseph, this is Mary my wife
And this is our young son, our pride and delight
We travel the whole world, by land and by sea
To tell all the people how they might be free
We've the....

 Sadly, I left them, in an old country lane
For I knew that I never would see them again
One was an old man, the second a maid
And the third was a young boy who smiled as he said
We've the wind....


BREAD AND FISHES Lyrics Guitar Chords 3/4 (Alan Bell)

This song is also known as ‚The Wind In The Willows’

Lyrics and chords below as used by the McCalmans (use capo on 1st fret). Guitar work by Marc Fahrbach to correspond with McCalmans version

Intro: D-G-D-G   G-D-G-D   G-D-Em-A7-D-D


As (D)I went a (G)walkin' one (A7)mornin' in (D)spring
I (Bm)met with some (Em)travelers on an (A7)old country (D)lane
One was an (G)old man, the (A7)second a (D)maid
And the (Bm)third was a (Em)young boy who (A7)smiled as he (D)said - D


With the (G)wind in the (D)willows, and the (G)birds in the (D)sky
There’s a (G)bright sun to (D)warm us, where(Em)ever we (A7)lie – A7
We (D)have bread and (G)fishes and a (A7)jug of red (D)wine

To (Bm)share on our (Em)journey with (A7)all of man(D)kind

So I (D)sat down be(G)side them, with the (A7)gay flowers a(D)round

And we (Bm)ate from a (Em)mantle spread (A7)out on the (D)ground
They told me of (G)people’s and (A7)prophets and (D)kings
And (Bm)told of the (Em)one god who (A7)knew every(D)thing - D


So I (D)asked them to (G)tell me their (A7)names and their (D)race
That (Bm)I might re(Em)member their (A7)kindness and (D)grace
"My name it is (G)Joseph, this is (A7)Mary my (D)wife
And (Bm)this is our (Em)young son, who (A7)brightens our (D)life" - D


We’re (D)travelling to (G)Glaston, through (A7)England’s green (D)lanes
To (Bm)hear of men’s (Em)troubles, to (A7)hear of men’s (D)pains.
We travel the (G)wide world, over (A7)land and the (D)sea

To (Bm)tell all the (Em)people how (A7)they can be (D)free - D



So (D)sadly, I (G)left them, in that (A7)old country (D)lane
I (Bm)know that I (Em)never shall (A7)see them a(D)gain
One was an (G)old man, the (A7)second a (D)maid
And the (Bm)third was a (Em)young boy who (A7)smiled as he (D)said - D



G-D-G-D   G-D-Em-A7-D-D


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