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WINDMILLS Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords 6/8 Written by Alan BellThe lyrics and chords fit the version by Liam Clancy and Tommy Makem with a capo on the 2nd fret to change the key to E major. This song was also recorded by the McCalmans in a key of A major. To play along to this version use a capo on the 7th fret or replace the chords below as follows: D=A, A=E, G=D (resulting in the simple chord structure A-E-D-A throughout the whole song).

Intro: D-A-G-D   D-A-G-D-D

(D)In days gone (A)by, when the (G)world was much (D)younger
Men (D)harnessed the (A)wind to (G)work for man(D)kind -D
(D)Seamen built (A)tall ships to (G)sail on the (D)ocean
(D)Landsmen built (A)wheels the (G)corn for to (D)grind -D

A(D)round and a(A)round and a(G)round went the (D)big sails
(D)Turning the (A)shaft and the (G)great wooden (D)whee-(D)ls
(D)Creaking and (A)groaning, the (G)millstones kept (D)turning
(D)Grinding to (A)flour the good (G)corn from the (D)fie-(D)-(D)-(D)lds

In (D)Flanders and (A)Spain and the (G)lowlands of (D)Holland
And the (D)kingdoms of (A)England and (G)Scotland and (D)Wales -D
(D)Windmills grew (A)up all a(G)long the wild (D)coastline
(D)Ships of the (A)land with their (G)high canvas (D)sails  -D

In (D)Lancashire, (A)lads work (G)hard with the (D)good earth
(D)Ploughing and (A)sowing as the (G)seasons de(D)clare -D
(D)Waiting to (A)reap of the (G)rich, golden (D)harvest
While the (D)miller is (A)idle, his (G)mill to re(D)pair -D

(D)Windmills of (A)old wood all (G)blackened by (D)weather
(D)Windmills of (A)stone, glaring (G)white in the (D)sun -D
(D)Windmills like (A)giants all (G)ready for (D)tilting
(D)Windmills that (A)died in the (G)gales and are (D)gone -D


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